Self-Esteem Help with Feel Good Words and a State of Reflection

In the universe, there are two fantastic forces at work either good or bad for self-esteem help. We know them as positive language and negative thoughts, or, we may say, favorable and unfavorable.

They are the two powerful forces in their own that are within us.

In similar fashion, there are unfavorable words and positive words about life, each triggering opposite responses when used by the human psyche.

We all understand how positive motivational words are favorable for self-esteem help, and how negative thoughts projected by the unreal ego in us all can bring us down and lead us to unhappiness, discomfort or anger.

The Course in Miracles states, “Everything the ego tells you that you need will hurt you.”

We have actually seen how positive language not only is great for self-esteem help, and, as well, brings individuals together, builds nations and great families.

But those so unfavorable negative thoughts damage relationships, lower self-confidence, start wars, etc.

Negative words and feel good words work the opposites, and they impact how the universe’s law of attraction manifests our thoughts.

(Many of us want to transform our lives and see change in the world, and the only way for this to happen is to change your mind change your life, and more on that here…) 

Positive feel good words are from our real spirit and are nutritious food for the mind and they work miracles.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Only the Holy Spirit knows what you need. For He will give you all the things that do not block the way to light.”

Use more Positive Words about Life

The best personal transformation masters exercise positive motivational words, to seed inspiration and encourage people to reach their objectives and goals.

When we use positive feel good words like “for the good of all”, “I can”, “I will”, “thank you”, and “I love you” in our everyday life, we end up being magnetic and imaginative and we are usually uplifted.

In example, negative thoughts are like the bad cholesterol in the blood stream. They hold on to the artery walls and slow down the flow of blood.

In the end, we develop health problems like hypertension, which will result in other complications.

We need to get rid of this bad type of cholesterol in order to make it through and lead a healthy and significant life.

However unlike bad cholesterol, negative thinking is easy to get rid of for self-esteem help. Just do not have them as part of your everyday language!

(Here’s why what you want in life is more easily achieved by the power of attraction.)  

The Reflective State of Mind

Keeping unfavorable words in our vocabulary is a toxin for the mind.

That’s because when we begin to send our thoughts to our inner depths, we cannot practice the power of reflection—where we may reflect our inner abundance and bliss into the material word.

The light of our reflective power of mind is blocked by these negative thoughts, and as a result were not extending our true free will to the world.  

Individuals who use their power of a reflective state of mind by the law of attraction, and choose to eliminate the negativity in their thoughts, wind up with far less frustration delivering to them a happy life.

We can’t make the reflective state of mind work unless we get rid of that stockpile of negativity from our vocabulary. That is the reason when we are angry, the earlier the anger is launched, the lighter we feel in our heads with a fantastic sense of complete satisfaction.

That is our subconscious offering self-esteem help by telling us we’ve gotten rid of nagging, bratty, ego-based thoughts in our heads.

Let’s Let Go of Negative Thoughts

We need to let go of all those negative words in our system.

From today onwards, you will realize self-esteem help by the natural light of positive language, and, the English language has a lot of great feel good words.

Letting go of the sensations of hatred, jealousy, and bad vibes that we have of others naturally supports wonderful self-esteem help.

With the light of positive language and favorable thoughts, the vibrations that we send with our thoughts will reflect quality results.

Remember, continuing with negative thoughts and words in our vocabulary is a contaminant for the mind.

This is what blocks the light of our reflective state of mind, and we’re unable to extend through reflection of our inner wealth to our exterior world.

And this is what the most successful people who have ever walked this earth have understood, and learned to practice reflection principles each day of their lives. 

If you could use a boost in life, perhaps self-esteem help, begin today reflecting your natural inner gifts to the world and the universe will return the same to you.

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To your natural inner Light,

James Nussbaumer

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