Overcoming Negative Thinking and Personal Transformation to a Positive Mind

Why is overcoming negative thinking so critical for a better life? We all project a world onto a theater screen in our mind, so to speak. If what you project is mostly negativity, then that will be the world you live in.

This includes your health, job or career, love relationships, friends, family, and more, down to those financial successes, or failures of your life.

Are you carrying around some junky negative thinking?

You know, I mean are you having a difficult time overcoming negative thinking and need to get rid of negative thoughts?  

Are others telling you that you should try to begin dealing with negative thoughts?

It was expected to be taken with a grain of salt or merely ignored however the majority of the times we take that criticism and wear it like a hat of shame!

It is one thing to pay attention to constructive criticism then make changes to better ourselves or our scenario, but it is something else to hear disrespectful criticism, and then take it to heart.

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Well, why not start right NOW to clear out the junk!

That implies that it is now time to dump it all by overcoming negative thinking.  

Let’s Begin to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Start by seeing the very best in others, and think of all of the great qualities that you have rather than the qualities that you don’t have.  

This is truly of the habits of highly effective individuals and is how successful people grow.

The change to a positive mind is quite easy to begin then takes some self-acceptance to maintain.

The Course in Miracles states, “It is surely clear that you both accept into your mind what is not there, and deny what is.”

Personal transformation actually gives quality to our thoughts and perceptions helping to create greater ideas.

By concentrating on good positive thoughts, we begin to experience joy, self-pleasure and self-regard.

Along the way, we likewise acknowledge our own distinct skills and abilities. Let these quality thoughts become a part of your psyche by overcoming negative thinking.

Where to start Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Let’s begin by finding inner peace by letting go of any unfavorable notions of your identity.

I mean, perhaps self-beratement thrown at you by yourself, out of anger, jealousy, or other negative feelings.

The Course in Miracles asks us: “Can you be separated from your identification and be at peace?”

Use your perceptions and thoughts to keep things in point of view.

Many times we fall into a trap of believing too much and we end up spending a large quantity of time debating with ourselves, or thinking how our thoughts will be viewed by our peers.

Life will constantly be filled with surprises and I encourage everyone to actually work at being more positive (in your ideas, speech and actions).

Work at a positive mind daily until it becomes a natural way of life for you.

(Here’s a true story on making life changes and personal transformation for a better life.) 

Start thinking about Personal Transformation

Positive thinking leads to personal transformation with a ‘can do’ mindset within any individual that embraces dealing with negative thoughts.

A positive mind prepares for joy, delight, health and a successful result of every situation and action.

Whatever the mind expects, it finds.

Below are simply a few examples of common unfavorable self-talk and how you might use a favorable twist to those ideas to begin overcoming negative thinking:

Negative Thought: I’ve never done it before and I have no idea on the best ways to do it.

Positive Spin: It’s a chance to learn something new.

Negative Thought: No one wants to hang out or communicate with me.

Positive Spin: I’ll see if I can shine some light of interaction.

Here are a couple of action steps that will assist you to clear the junk of Negative thoughts and to add the nourishment of good positive thoughts.

Stop unfavorable ideas in their tracks: Whenever you hear yourself “thinking” a negative idea ~ STOP and replace it with a favorable idea.

If you capture yourself imagining failure, switch to picturing success.

Look for the favorable: No matter what the situation is, there is always an unfavorable and a favorable side of it.

In some cases, the positive side might not be simple to see right off the bat, however if you look deep enough it exists.

Having a Positive Mind

Decide that from today, you are overcoming negative thinking, and beginning in route to good positive thoughts.

It is never far too late to start this practice and soon you will witness personal transformation shining forth from within you.

Remember, by concentrating on good positive thoughts we start to experience happiness, self-pleasure and dignity.

Let this quality of being become your life, rather than those negative thoughts that have hit your “inner theater screen” somewhere along the line.

Get rid of negative thoughts for a striking personal transformation.

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To a positive mind,

James Nussbaumer

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