To Live the Life you Want means Letting Go of thoughts of Lack

Are you like many and seem to be finding it hard to live the life you want? It’s your life, and you are the one in control, but why can’t you still be on the journey you want to be on? 

Don’t settle for what others may prescribe for you, or those self-haunting voices of fear. 

Why are you not answering to your true calling?

(By the way, when you’re done here, this related article may help you about a scarcity mentality is ego-based and circles around thoughts and perceptions that there’s not enough, and that we must sacrifice something to get more.) 

What’s happening is the more your inner awareness builds a foundation set in rock, the more the sandy stability of the ego-based mind fades away.

Here is where you will naturally begin letting go of the idea of “lack” in your life and more and more change your habits to change your life.

Remember, the secret then is to never stop learning and feeding your mind with the power of a reflective state of mind, until you master it.

The Course in Miracles states, “You who speak in dark and devious symbols do not understand the language you have made.”

Letting go of a scarcity mindset is what you must do in order to overcome feeling stuck in life, and begin living the life you want.



I’m including the above video also posted on YouTube, so you may learn to be like the athletes who train consistently to end up being the stars in their sport.

Yes, you can change and begin to live the life you want…

You can learn to master it, you can live the life you want, and use the law of attraction to manifest faster and higher results beyond your present capabilities.

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James Nussbaumer

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