Making Life Changes and Personal Transformation for a Better Life

You know you need to begin making life changes, but you seem to be in the dumps or stuck in life. You want to move towards how to live your dreams, but it’s not happening.

If you’re up against a life challenge, remember there is no time better than right now to change your life for the better.  

The following is a true story about positive change in your life, a wonderful personal transformation, that I hope may inspire you for taking action on living the life you want.

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Last week I got a telephone call from a long time golfing pal whom I hadn’t spoken to in a few years.

Like other people, I was excited to hear his voice.

He said he’d heard about me making life changes and all about my new writing studio in the center of town, and he wanted to ask me about my new books being released and what’s going on in my life.

To my surprise, he informed me that he was let go from his job recently and was going through making life changes himself.

He confessed that he was very unfortunate about being let go. He didn’t know what he did wrong in his job that caused him to lose it.

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When You Must Change Your Life For the Better

You and I understand that there is no obvious factor when companies want to lay-off or let go of individuals. In some cases, it’s simply misfortune.

From the tone and manner in which he was speaking, I could tell that he has actually ended up being stronger and more excited about the future and making life changes.

He’s more open to originalities and opportunities.

That’s not all.

He informed me of further shocking news: his father died a few months prior to he being let go from the job. This, of course, had forced him into making life changes.

I thought to myself, “Oh my God, how is he handling all of this?”

How in the world could anybody ever take the pressure of dealing with the death of their parent and losing a job within a few months’ time, and being under even more pressure to begin making life changes?

Exactly what would you do if these occurred to you? Give up on life? Or would you set your sails for how to live your dreams?

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Making Positive Change in Your Life

He informed me that he’s got to be strong and he didn’t want his own children being depressed over the matter.

He decided to listen from within himself and then take action as instructed, and here’s a review article on that, too.

I’m so happy for him that these unfortunate occurrences in fact made him think and take note about his life and re-prioritize his life, making life changes which he admitted that he’d neglected in the past.

He turned the loss of a loved one and loss of a job into power and strength and a great personal transformation.

Since these occurrences, he decided and had the guts to be his own employer by joining his young nephew just out of college in a company venture.

He feels that he has more control of his life and career, now, than ever before.

He explained to me that he now visualizes and believes that a great future is ahead, and acquires more complete satisfaction from life which he never felt before.

The Course in Miracles states, “In effect, then, what you believe you do see.”

Is this what we call, “a true blessing ” for him? My good ole pal has personally transformed a great deal all the while being thrilled with making life changes.

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Personal Transformation is in Us All

Many people will not budge from their complacency zone, remain there grumbling and condemning life situations.

Sometimes it takes a life shattering experience like, loss of family, divorce, loss of job, or other devastating circumstance.

How many of us imagine rising above our adversities rather than staying stuck, and being self-employed and being our own CEO, so to speak, and proceed to move forward.

But for whatever fears many of us have, often we never take action on doing what it takes to live your dreams.

The Course in Miracles asks us, “Would you join the resurrection or the crucifixion?”

Do you want what occurred to my longtime friend happen to you, so that you’d actually sit down and consider positive change in your life?

And literally begin doing the things that you truly like?

Or, do you wish to simply take charge and change your life for the better by taking action now?

The option is yours.

Do not wait until some sort of tragedy hits you hard to begin making life changes. Organize your life proactively and change your life for the better.

Take my pal’s experience as an inspiration to live your dreams.

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To living your dreams,

James Nussbaumer

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