You Can Change Your Life by Beginning a Personal Growth Plan

Ever feel like you need to find a way for how you can change your life?

Perhaps that feeling you are capable of much better, and burning inside to bring forth your full potential?

Or maybe you’re feeling like something is holding you back, and you no longer want those limiting beliefs.

It wasn’t that long ago when my entire life crashed to a wrecking ball, and then a miraculous personal growth plan actually forced itself on me.

I’d known deep within there was a burning need to change my life and to make a much needed career change, but I’d put off on taking any sort of action.

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I was nervously treading water, watching my boat sinking fast, and without a life preserver. I could no longer swim against the current.

My world was going down like the Titanic, due to my own seemingly deadly errors.

I was turning fifty, and felt anchored to the bottom of the lake, lost for air.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “There is no substitute for truth. And truth will make this plain to you as you are brought into the place where you must meet with truth.”

The Inner Voice

For many years a voice within me, which was a truthful type vibration, and not of fantasy, would tell me, you can change your life, and so personal transformation had been urging a shift in me.

But out of fear I resisted. I chose to remain in thick fog, thinking I was safer there.

I felt as though I couldn’t find how to attain inner peace, so I tried on the weird belief that I could make something of myself that I was not meant to be.

That was until a hot summer in the early 2,000’s, when this overdue transformation seemed to take charge by forcing its way through the obscurity I had spent so much energy maintaining.

The jolt, to say the least, gained my attention.

As I see it now, when I wouldn’t take action when the voice urged, you can change your life, this was the beginning of an undoing process that would eventually set me free.

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Certainly a Need to Change my Life

This undoing entailed the gradual, ongoing obliteration of a manmade thought system I had been buying into for most of my adult life.

I didn’t want the career I’d somehow stumbled into and the years were ticking by, but I couldn’t seem to seek out a personal growth plan and learn how to attain inner peace.

Later I would learn that the parts I believed were dying in me had never really existed at all.

I would learn my beliefs were nothing but an illusion, and that what is unreal surely does not live.

But at the time, while continuing to feel that urging in me saying, you can change your life, I felt myself drowning in a sea of disbelief, a confused mind, and of terror.

An indictment had been issued by the grand jury of the State of Ohio, and I was soon to be arrested for a selfish mistake I made through my business practice as a financial advisor.

I was stuck in a business I loathed, and surely didn’t love.

It was a foolish securities violation, where people lost money. After twenty-five years in business one might think I would have known better.

The Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit has the power to change the whole foundation of the world you see to something else; a basis not insane, on which sane perception can be based, another world perceived.”

A Confused Mind

My actions were not a part of a Ponzi scheme, but more a brash mishandling of the money of three clients totaling approximately 100,000 dollars. You read that right.

Yes, it was one hundred thousand dollars, not millions, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, the funds were my responsibility and tough times had left my bottom line near empty, so I did not have the ability to repay the money—at least not right away.

This angered the “example setter” judge and prosecutor.

I was sent to prison, where I’d spend 8 painful years of a 10 year sentence. To this day it still seems like a dream.

Or should I say a nightmare?

And, then, from prison, is when I began writing, and finally started following the guidance of my inner Teacher telling me, you can change your life.

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To your personal growth plan,

James Nussbaumer

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