Just Be Yourself to Heal Fear, Guilt and Doubt

By learning to more often just be yourself, you never have to ask ‘What am I afraid of. You won’t sulk any longer over, “No confidence in myself.”  When you will finally just be yourself much of the fear, guilt and doubt that plagues you will wither away.

Each fear we have arises from the wrong-minded ego-based thought system we think makes us into who we are. 

In book 1 of the series we see why…This must tell us that fear is only a dream-thought and doesn’t exist in the real world behind the movie screen of our life. 

Fear can only be a false belief—but it’s the illusion that runs our lives.

And this is why I so strongly suggest mindfulness meditation practices, to go within and listen to the power of your subconscious mind.

It’s how the world’s most successful icons think!

It’s our separated state of mind, the ego that insists fear is real, and that our bodies are all that we are and that we are separate from God. 

If we turn off the projector, take the movie screen down in our mind, and turn on the light, what do we see? 

We see Reality, and then we may use the light to reflect our Divine nature into this world.

This can mean your success in life.

A Course in Miracles answers for us…If doubt, fear, and guilt are nonexistent, then what does exist?  Only you do. 

When you just be yourself a reflective state of being holds true and there is no projection or movie screen to project images, which means there would be no illusory world around you.  

You are the Idea of the One Mind of all existence that is eternally real beyond such projections. But it is your inner reflections of the Truth that you are that gives you success in this world. It’s how you live life on your own terms!

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God created you within His Mind—which is eternal, but only you generate the projections that seem to be “out there” somewhere. 

In book 2 you’ll see…The real world has no separate parts.  It is this wholeness that sustains each of us without limitation. 

There is not a single projected image to see within wholeness. 

But while we dream of duality and images that seem to begin and end, we’ve been given a Guide to help us see these projections for what they merely are.

A Course in Miracles states, “Everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”

When someone compliments you and is lovingly sincere in doing so, by telling you what a jewel you are, do you think they are talking about your flesh and bones? 

Of course, not!  They are referring to the treasure that is you.

If we are all of the “likeness” (Idea) of God, and within His Mind, then other ideas or thoughts are clearly fantasy. 

They are a wrong-minded, or erroneous, approach in perceiving what we think we are, more properly understood as what we wish to be—what the ego wishes us to be. 

Only when we perceive through our right-mindedness can we understand fear for what it is: the confusion and uncertainty of wrong-minded vision, which is unreal. 

Think about this:

When your heart makes its final beat and lungs release that final breath of air, and your body is surely deceased, where is fear then?

Any true free will you have cannot be of wrong-mindedness—ego-based thought, where total attention is always on the body.  This is why the ego resists any type of right-minded perceptions, and then asks, “What am I afraid of.” 

Right-mindedness still has some ego-based tones, but for the most part is silenced by your true Essence.

The right-mind is also perception-based, but is too positive and too influenced by the positive energy of true Reality through reflection, that the ego’s projections and assumptions don’t have a leg to stand on. 

In other words, right-mindedness unlike wrong-mindedness places minimal attention on the body. 

The right-mind likes to just be yourself and reflect reality where the wrong-mind is always busy projecting illusion.

The true power in the right-mind’s reflections makes the ego cower as it turns its face in the opposite direction. 

We have all cringed this way when we’ve caught a glimpse of our own positive nature, as well as that of others. 

But once right-minded perception sinks in, we think, Hey, maybe there’s truth to this. So what am I afraid of?

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To choosing to just be yourself,

James Nussbaumer

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