Self-Reflection for Change and Success in Life

Self-reflection is vitally important for individuals who have high demands on themselves. Many goals of high achievers like, exercising regularly, or enhanced relationships, or financial success, or anything else, are realized in their lives because they learn the concept of self-reflection.

Why is self-reflection so important?

In a psychological, rather than religious, context, self-reflection or that reflective state of mind within us all, or we can say the right-mind, is host to the Spirit of God, which throughout all my books I will refer to as the Holy Spirit.

(I refer to God using a masculine overtone as in Him and He only for convenience, because that’s what we’re used to.) 

God’s Holy Spirit, or His Thought, we may say, is holy in a psychological sense because It is of your true essence. The Light about you and the power of your mind.

The essence of anything is its holiness. 

Try to see the word “holy” as merely a word, a few physical letters of the alphabet that do not need to be sprinkled with special water. 

It’s the meaning behind the word I want you to be concerned with, not the word itself, or the ego’s interpretation.

The Holy Spirit will use the laws of the ego-based world, which is unreal, to get your attention if He must. 

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It is these laws the ego, or wrong-mindedness, is afraid to examine; whereas right-minded perceptions and thoughts have a willingness to sense that the dreamer (you) is safely asleep at Home.

No different than Dorothy never really leaving Kansas for Oz.

The right-mind carries a strong perception or sensation that you are protected from eternal doom and gloom.  It senses there is no such thing as hell, because eternity is whole and what is whole is not split in two. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Behold the Guide your Father gave you, that you might learn you have eternal life.”

Have you ever had those moments of pure peace, comfort, joy, and love, where everything seemed to be going in the right direction?  Perhaps, self-reflection?

Sure you have, and this is it! 

A Course in Miracles helps us see that…This is where the right-mind outweighs the wrong-minded side of the split-mind in your daily, moment-by-moment thoughts and perceptions.

In this miracle minded state of mind you still may observe slight or background fearful thoughts, but they are easily overlooked by the security of the Holy Occupier of your right-mind. 

What seems to be the “fear of God” is your own ego’s guilt for seeing itself as only a body. 

Keep in mind that your right-mindedness is the step below the One-mindedness of Creation.  

God extends Himself as you, through the right-mind, delivering your true calling if you’re listening, as you carry on in this world through the dream of separation. 

This is another reason why I urge you to seek out mindfulness meditation techniques!

This is, again, no different than Aunty Em calling for Dorothy to awaken as she dreamed of being lost in a strange land.

May we say it was the Good-Witch of the North (Holy Spirit), perhaps, urging Dorothy to meditate by clicking her heals?

The erroneous wrong-mindedness of the dream itself could never have even a glimpse of wholeness, because the ego is unreal. 

Only what is real can have sense, and wholeness certainly is sensible. 

Think about it.  It’s pretty difficult to find any truth in all that makes no sense to you, and comes at you from different directions, and makes you feel confused and anxious.

Being so, the ego-mind feels itself lacking; panic sets in, so it’s difficult to learn or receive anything that wishes to abandon the unreal for the real. 

Letting go of what we don’t want and on to what we do want is a healing technique that can be accessed through meditation or yoga, and by the way here’s a related article with more on the importance of yoga in our life – yoga for good health.

This constant feeling of “lacking” sows confusion in us about who we truly are. 

The fear is the ego’s reluctance to accept the fact that we do indeed have a true essence and the power to create what we truly want. 

The ego is aware that it can never be a part of it, or come to know it. All the ego can do is to one day fade away or be obliterated once the body is deceased and begins turning to dust. 

Even this “turning to dust” notion is an attempt by the ego to believe it has a bit more time, when actually the ego is gone in a flash once the brain has stopped. 

But in reality, the ego only dreams of all this.  Its life is only a dream and has no after-life.  This is what is truly meant by “from dust to dust shall you be.”

This truth is why, for the most part, we sometimes don’t take kindly to change. 

We are actually afraid of our real self and the real depth of others, which is the wholeness of God.  This notion frightens us and thus makes the ego feel safer. 

The ego likes to see us as “god-fearing” individuals, not part of any whole. 

It keeps us in line with its way of thinking, and it gives some folks the feeling of being “holier than thou.”

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To self-reflection,

James Nussbaumer

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