Accomplish Your Goals by Choosing Not to Fear the Future

If you are like many you may set out to accomplish your goals while having fear of the future, like forecasting failing or loss. This is the case for those who are not used to the wonderful power of a reflective state of mind that is necessary for some sort of objective whatever that might be.  

It might seem funny that we’re not aware of our true reality, so you may fear the future and may not accomplish your goals. 

In book 1 of the series we go deep here…What I mean is, shouldn’t it be even funnier that we’re so sure it’s fearsome?  Think about it: We’re so afraid of things it’s . . . well, scary. And so, we fear the future.

But if you are serious about getting a grip on this fear stuff and proceeding to accomplish your goals, you must begin to accept that truth and fear cannot coexist. 

If you are afraid of something, it means you are not being truthful with it.

When it is faced with the truth, the ego stops laughing.  It doesn’t know what to do next when it sees itself caught up against truth. 

It can only make up excuses as it turns away, shaking its head in feigned disgust. But when you decide to accomplish your goals and live life on your own terms, things begin happening.

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We sense and think there is something beyond what we see in the mirror, but on the other hand we also think we don’t want to know it because it is frightening. 

But what we are really doing is judging something that has not yet arrived. 

We believe we must escape from what has not yet captured us.  Is this funny, or is it crazy?

Your Inner Divine Guide Will Sort Things Out

Regardless of the ego’s insanity, we must not forget that we do have our Guide to clear the insanity out of the way. 

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are involved with sorting things out for us because He actually knows what our reality is. 

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit will give you only what is yours, and will take nothing in return.”

For example, my inner Guide helps me to build a foundation for my writing projects so that my work now and, too, yet to arrive on the scene, will make you want to read it and benefit from what I have to say, perhaps to a conclusion that will open your eyes to your inner genius and true capabilities—through His Guidance. 

I would be thrilled if what I have to say helps you accomplish your goals.

A writer who cares and wants to help may use stories and topics of his or her own thought process and concerns that we all worry over so, you may see, in your own unique way, the reality of the world, regardless of ego-based thought.

Why does this work? 

In book 2 we look closely at…The Idea that you are of God has already been created. 

Now, while you dream, your inner Guide will use time to bring your purpose to the projection screen that you call your life. 

As the role is played out and your purpose in life is being displayed, you are slowly and comfortably reawakening, until the lights go on in the theater and the picture show is over.

A Course in Miracles further states that, and I simply love this lesson…“Like any good teacher, the Holy Spirit knows more than you do now, but He teaches only to make you equal with Him.”

At that point in eternity, where all you see is ego-free wholeness, you will no longer need the Holy Spirit because you will realize that He is you.

Until total awakening has occurred, however, the gifts of the Holy Spirit become your Dream Weaver, so to speak. 

The task will be to constantly and consistently interlace a pattern for you that leads to helping you accomplish your goals, which is the accomplishment of your true free will.  He is not attempting to force a function on you, but He is strengthening and bringing your attention to what it is you truly want. 

All truth about you rests there. 

His task so you may accomplish your goals is to place it into your awareness, which also abides in your right-mind. 

You may ask, why do we need to have a free will? 

Basically it’s necessary so we can help others, as well as ourselves, to awaken to our purpose in life and living life on our own terms, but naturally and not forced through stress.

Bear in mind that the ego is persistent in its efforts to surround your free will outside of your awareness, so that your free will may not seem free at all. 

This is where, at times, it may seem as though your true purpose and to accomplish your goals is inside the body, encased in or surrounded by the brain. 

But this is a huge trap by ego-based thought controlling you.

This is evident when you feel imprisoned by a job, or a relationship, or a direction that you feel is off-track, or any number of factors that can occupy your daily living. 

Your fears are your captors and keep the Jewel about you hidden.  With the help of your Guide, you can see through the falsities of the fog-obscured path and accomplish your goals. 

This is your journey, though because of the fog you may not have been able to look at it this way.

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To your decision to accomplish your goals,

James Nussbaumer

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