How to Come Out of Fear and Script Your Success Story

How to come out of fear or freedom from fear and anxiety is a concern of many of us. You have the power to script your own life story. No one could go through life without some kind of fear of something, however it’s just what you opt to perform with your fear that scripts the success story of your life.

In some situations, fear may own an individual and on the other hand facing fear may press them toward success.

Many of us think if we appreciate fear and pain as a sacrifice it will eventually reward us with salvation. 

This is why, in order to be looked upon as righteous, we think we need to be considered a “God-fearing” individual. But this fear God idea is a huge trap by an illusory thought system we dreamed up.

This type of conscious thinking is an example of wrong-mindedness, where wrong perceptions and thoughts make up wrong ideas in a mind that dreams it is split apart, or separated from its original Source, or God. 

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But keep in mind that the word “wrong” is not to be interpreted as “bad.” 

Rather, wrong-mindedness is simply erroneous. 

Wrong-mindedness consists of thoughts and perceptions that establish the fear and anxiety we live by. 

We can call this the “dream ego” or simply “the ego.” 

The ego is the false idea of who we are—the illusion of separate identities or selves.  It does fear God and identifies itself with the false or illusory, but it is not intentionally bad. 

Projecting Images

It’s an error that needs erasing or correction without punishment, and is how to come out of fear.  When it is corrected we see the innocence that always existed. Try to see that the ego in itself is not evil or bad, although bad types of images certainly do emerge from the ego. 

If God’s Will is His Creation, the innocence that we are behind the mask of the ego must also be God’s Will. 

If we are afraid of His Will then we must be fearful of ourselves. 

This is why we continue the façade by wearing the mask that frightens us when we see its projected image.  It’s as though we work at being afraid, and in so doing we are afraid of our own shadows. 

To add even more fear and anxiety confusion about how to come out of fear this illusory thought system the ego gives us, the guilt we carry for believing in it is so deep we don’t realize it, and it splinters into even deeper fragments as we try to defend it or hide it. 

This is why I urge you to learn mindfulness meditation techniques, helping listen deep within and see that there is nothing to fear.

A Course in Miracles states, “When you have let all that obscured the truth in your most holy mind be undone for you, and therefore stand in grace before your father, He will give Himself to you as He has always done.”

An example of this is in all of the thoughts you have when you either bury the truth or try to make up your own truth, and then try to defend that in your thoughts. 

This defensive reaction makes us even more fearful, so we cling more fiercely to even more fantasy till the bitter end—which stops at our tombstone.  The ego’s thought system tells us to dream, and that the end—our death—is where we will find salvation.

But salvation from what? 

The ego in each of us cannot truly answer this question without doubt. 

How can we survive after death if we have a thought system separated or split off from That of our Source, Who created us of Itself, a Thought, and the only real Thought that exists? 

In order to learn within how to come out of fear and write your own story you must see that any such separate thoughts or beliefs could not possibly have occurred, unless part of the mind became divided due to a false idea, or wishful thinking. 

This is what we must save ourselves from.

How to come out of fear is facing the fact that we have been left doubtful and afraid of a questionable reality.

What is it we really question?  How can what is not of God be real? 

And if God has no fear, how can our own fears be real? 

Fear must be a separated, unreal thought, an illusion; and by facing it, then dropping it, you script the successful story of your life and play it out in this world.

To further help you undo a bit of wrong-mindedness, contemplate something here in more of a right-minded tone: If we are of God, how did we acquire this fear, when fear certainly is not of His Will?

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To freedom of fear,

James Nussbaumer

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