Receiving the Holy Spirit – Course in Miracles – A Metaphysical Look

Why is it some people take action on their lives and others do not? Even as you read my words and search within yourself for a memory of such an awe as receiving the Holy Spirit, where are you?

He, is, how you get the life you want!

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The process of receiving the Holy Spirit is the guiding Mind to provide the means necessary to fulfill your free will, in an instant.

Sure, we may call it the power of attraction, or reflective state of mind, or gifts of the universe.

Whatever you’d like to term this is up to you.

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This is so, because eternity cannot exist without you and me.

If you do begin to analyze this, you need to stop the moment you notice it, and allow your essence and feelings to flow over that thinking.

Yes, we can reach our inner true Self, live a better life, we are receiving the Holy Spirit, through a reflective state of mind, or what some may term the power of attraction.

Remember, the Course in Miracles teaches us that, any analyzing you do is always of the brain, which is the body.

Your mind is your sense of eternity, without need for flesh and bones.

You will have learned that you are eternal life when you are able to feel receiving the Holy Spirit, and not think or analyze it.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is of  our inner link to the wholeness and oneness of God.

I guess that means it’s Who and What we are. Yes?

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Here is the audio excerpt of today’s Podcast.

To a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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