Down on Our Luck: Yes, We All Have Been there Right?

We all have been down on our luck before and you must know what I mean. Myself, had to make the choice to either rise above the troubles that bound us or to simply give up and continue to live in darkness. But when getting through tough times often the darkness begins to define who […]

When In the Dumps Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Go

When in the dumps sometime it’s best just to surrender and start over again on a clean slate toward your goals. The darkened thought of feeling frustrated regardless of their short-term familiarity, would cover me from the light of Truth. Managing anxiety would continue– generally with an “in the dumps doom and gloom” mindset taking […]

Lost in Life is the Feeling to Find Yourself

Feeling lost in life is not always a bad thing and may just be a necessary feeling to help you find yourself.  This longing for change and a better life can mean that you are beginning to see the light through the fog. This can mean you are beginning to sense your real Home. And […]