When In the Dumps Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Go

When in the dumps sometime it’s best just to surrender and start over again on a clean slate toward your goals.

The darkened thought of feeling frustrated regardless of their short-term familiarity, would cover me from the light of Truth.

Managing anxiety would continue– generally with an “in the dumps doom and gloom” mindset taking over.

When we experience this kind of appearing problem, nevertheless, we are still overcoming frustration.

It’s because our spiritual and natural inward objective is to advance, far from fear and doubt and towards reality.

We discover it difficult to confess often that our ego-based state as humans wants to be feeling frustrated much of the time.

When in the dumps think about this:

It’s the ego’s foundation where darkened thought was built on.

We attempt not to understand it by declining the knowledge we have within us of our true Reality.

The understanding alone will usher you from being frustrated with life if you will accept this understanding of the truth of Who you are.

Your willingness and readiness to accept who you are will open your mind deeply. It’s so that your life’s situations will help you to live your dreams passionately while in this world.

When in the dumps certainly means overcoming frustration

Sure, the darkness sometimes still might make me feel tired and unpredictable and challenging for getting rid of feeling frustrated.

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When I was dealing with frustration while imprisoned, I specifically discovered this.

I would believe my imprisonment duration would never end. It did end, after nearly 9 often violent and long volatile years in the cell block.

I detail this in my book series where you can find more at the about/books page of my website.

The light of reality constantly brings me back to the awareness of who I am.

Ideas that are not so pure permeate typically, however my own ‘right-mindedness’ reveals itself by shining forth.

The ‘right mind’ is a term the Course in Miracles describes as glimpses of our inner most highest Self.

To this day I actually see myself being rescued from this Light of Spirit. It is providing sane ideas of love for myself and living my dream life.

It appeared that prior to when handling disappointment, as the light would come closer or end up being brighter, I ‘d typically fear it.

Or, we may say, to cool it down or dim the light’s luster. I guess so, because my ego needed some darkness, or a bit of wrong-mindedness, to still reside.

As humans and ego-based filled with fear, this “doubting Thomas” aspect in us is what we’re used to.

Isn’t it?

I think for me, it was so that a sense of darkness, we might say, might remain to offer me some familiarity.

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To your best life ever,

James Nussbaumer

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