Surrendering False Truth to Achieve Personal Development and on to Success in Life

False truth simply blocks the path of personal development and the real power within you.  Many may think of the word surrender as a sort of loss or lack of power, but in reality it is of the best ways to better your life and how to improve self confidence.  

Surrender is letting go of what you truly do not want and going with what’s true in your heart.

This world of separated thought has helped us to teach ourselves that the way to personal development or to gain salvation is to attack, strive, and to fight for something. 

Throughout history we have been fighting to save ourselves from something, and to this day that “something” still holds us prisoner.  Hardly how to improve self confidence.

And, again, I must add to this article, that this is why I urge you to seek mindfulness meditation practice.

We are quite simply our own jailer, and if we cannot—equally simply—“let go” of this power struggle, we will continue to see God as attacking our empires. This is where personal development will not happen.

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The prayers seem to pour out with accusations and requests, such as “Oh my God, what did I do to deserve this?” or “Please vanquish my enemies (that I might gain),” or “How much more do you want to take from me?” 

This is so because we see the illusory location of God as “out there,” and as a threat to the wrong-mindedness we believe comforts us. 

We must realize that this “no space” or “spaceless” location we occupy is God. 

There is nothing “out there” except your body that you made from a fantasy thought. 

A “bite into an apple” that projected more than it really was.  A simple error in thought.  Nothing sinful about it.

There is nothing for God to take control over, because He is what we are, which is total love. 

There is no space needed to house love and learn how to improve self confidence. 

This is why we are often afraid of personal development and our own potential: When we can accept this, the love of God within us seems to pour out. 

But we’ve been believing that our salvation lies in trying to prove ourselves faithful to a “ruler” or a “king” high above.  This perception makes us defensive; we fear the version of an “outside God’s” love, which makes us feel little and governed by such a ruler, when all along we are this ruler to ourselves.  Remember, our true free will is God’s Will.

We have been using the world and trying to hide the fact that we do indeed possess this love, and want to show it all the time. 

Look around you at the striving for attention that is everywhere. 

This is why we still wish to hold onto the ego’s dark foundation as a secure place to hide our love, and only bring it out when there’s something to gain. 

A Course in Miracles states, “The way is not hard, but it is very different. Yours is the way of pain, of which God knows nothing.”

We use hate as our weapon to protect this foundation. 

This is where we think our safety rests, and is why it’s easier for us to hate those “others” “out there.” 

The ego thinks it portrays strength and uses it for ways to better your life. 

But this illusory dark foundation has been reinforcing its structure with illusion upon illusion, ever since that loving couple looked to that shiny apple on the “Tree of Life.” 

This reinforcing of its cornerstone called “the false idea of what we are” has nothing to do with eternity, but it does have everything to do with wasting time with false truths about ways to better your life.

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To a better life,                                                                                                                                    

James Nussbaumer

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