Step out of Your Comfort Zone-Leave False Self-Enjoy Spiritual Growth

Being complacent and not able to step out of your comfort zone can easily set you back without realizing it.  After all, we’re humanly afraid of our limitless power within.

But for individuals thinking they are safe in their comfy zone, just very well may be halting ever reaching their true potential.

And this is exactly why I urge meditation practice!

Does it send even a tiny bit of worry to you if another side of you is insisting to step out of your comfort zone and perhaps take a go for a spiritual growth spurt?

What if your comfy zone of ego-based procrastination, doubt, fear and judgement were stripped from you, or this false self suddenly taken away? 

In book 1 of the series we explore…This, of course, happens in the death of your body, because the ego is of your body and can never be part of spiritual growth. 

But what about inner psychological death, where everything you were about is now gone? 

Now your own false self and fear does not know what to fear, but the ego mind in you is still afraid. 

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Why is this?

The ego in you will never step out of your comfort zone, because without the ego, or very minimal ego, our wrong-mindedness has no backbone, and we think this is what we truly are. 

The illusions of your comfy zone no longer mean anything, and we feel there is nothing left to gain.  This can indeed seem momentarily terrifying—as if we are rootless and untethered.

Of course the ego is still in you; it has merely been silenced. 

But now, with this silence, the memory of God shines through and spiritual growth begins. 

It is the memory of what you were before your physical birth. 

It is the memory of what rests behind the dream of separation.  It is what we always have been all along: pure knowledge

A Course in Miracles states, “There is a place in you where this whole world has been forgotten; where no memory of sin and of illusion lingers still.”

It’s strong because it’s true. 

Have you ever had the honest and true sensation to step out of your comfort zone knowing that there must be a better way?  If your answer is yes, then you know the memory of God.  The love and truth within you is what you are in reality.

In book 2 I take you to…This memory will instantly restore you to your proper place, when all along it has been the place you’ve been trying to leave. 

What’s happening here when even slightly think to step out of your comfort zone, is that the little bit of ego remaining within you is fearful of your True Self, which is God. 

The dwindling ego, your false self, doesn’t know how to handle this. 

A Course in Miracles further states, “No one can escape from illusions unless he looks at them, for not looking is the way they are protected.”

You have been under the influence of ego-based thought for so long, you’re not aware of the fact that spiritual growth and the real you doesn’t need this wrong-minded way of seeing things. 

If you even think just a little bit about an idea to step out of your comfort zone, your ego begins seeing that it no longer will dominate by being able to purchase strength with material muscle

As you have just now read this, you will have one of two reactions. 

You may give a slight chuckle or laugh in a sarcastic fashion, which is the false self ego trying to hang on by a string.   Or, the Christ in you is in awe with a knowing of this to be true and finding your true self.

Our fear of attack is nothing compared to our fear of love.  In a near psychological death as I just described, there is nothing to attack because nothing remains, only God, which is not going to attack. 

Only the ego will attack, through your body, such as the self-berating and abuse I initiated in myself. 

But the Holy Spirit—your inner Guide of Truth while you’re in this world, stands by and watches over this while you step out of your comfort zone and begin finding your true self.

Yes, he then turns it around.

The Holy Spirit uses everything He can to undo the errors that you made. I say above, “while in this world,” because in eternal life at our True Home a guide of any kind is not needed.  

For a while this may make your false self even more fearful, because you’re sensing that God, or yourself-in-truth, is all that remains of you.  But at that point, you don’t realize that that was all you ever needed. 

The Oneness that you are is beginning to be aware of Itself.  Can we say that “The house that burns down will be rebuilt better than it ever was before”?

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To that step out of your comfort zone finding your true self,

James Nussbaumer

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