Hard To Love-How to Find Love

Hard to love, perhaps, because it’s easy for us to accept the insanity of the ego mind which is filled with doubt, fear, and judgement. We made the ego mind ourselves through the lessons taught to us by our idols.

What we make we “take pride in.”  But we find it difficult to accept and give love, because we were taught to “make” instead of “create”—which is true extension of inner Self, and where our true inner power waits.   

In book 1 of the series we go deep to answer…Why?  Because even the ego which finds it hard to love and asks how to find love, is aware that love cannot be made. 

Love has always been and always will be—and its purpose is to create.

Love is what it is, just as truth is—real and unlimited.  There are no specially designed sets of plans on how to create through love. 

The ego mind knows nothing of creating and manifesting miracles, but surely sees it as a parallel to magic. It’s lessons on how to find love really get us nowhere.

In fact, the ego covers its face when it sees us trying to “make love,” and discourages the sight of any such love. 

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Love was given to us to be shared and not earned.  What is shared will extend, and what extends becomes one and potential is maximized.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that “Our individual death seems more valuable than our living oneness, for what is given us is not so dear as what we made.” 

This is merely A Course in Miracles attempt to open our eyes. 

Doesn’t it seem as though we are more afraid of love than we are of the ego? 

The point here is that love cannot enter us where it’s not welcome and this is why it’s hard to love.  But hatred can, and will force its way, not caring at all for the real you.

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You certainly do care for yourself, however; and since the Holy Spirit is in you, He certainly cares for you. 

With this acceptance, here’s what you can do. 

Go ahead, right now, and with all that love that is in you, take any and all suffering you have incurred, and the hatred you are confronted with, or possess in yourself, even your thoughts of hard to love, and bring it to the altar in your right-mind for the Holy Spirit to view. 

And this is why I urge meditation practice!

Picture yourself standing there, as one with Him, regarding all that sits before this Oneness.  Ask that this mess be cleared away, and brought back as something great.

This does not require that you get on your knees for any length of time, nor do you need to light special candles, blow on a special horn, nor do you need to have special beads, water, or oils.  Not a single ceremony or ritual is required. 

Simply take a few short, honest moments, with straight talk or even merely a thought; and know in your heart that your plea is backed up with the truth and love that you were created from. 

He is your Guide, and He will help you as your Friend see that the idea of hard to love is merely an illusion you made up.

In book 2 you will see why your…Your success in love is necessary for the whole Child of God to awaken from a dream of sort that we are separate from the love of our all loving Father.

He wants your part to be fulfilled:

The Holy Spirit wants you to complete your part in the Atonement—which is awakening within the One Mind of Creation, which is, all Love.

Since we are one and whole there can be nothing else, unless you remain stuck in the dream of separation.

Hidden beneath all the grandiosity the world has praised you for, or even stomped on you for, making it hard to love, is your real call for help. 

Remember that your call for help through the Universal Healer, within you, which is connected to God, is not a call to a location out there

That place outside of you can only offer an idol to praise. 

God does not need praising, because He has no ego that needs stroking. 

It all happens within you.  You are the Idea of His Thought where it is not hard to love, therefore His Thought is you.  This One Thought that you are did not make all the suffering in your world. 

God doesn’t punish us, because this would be punishing ourselves. 

Your own separated thought, which you made and continue to dream of, believes in the world’s own separated thought. You simply demanded that it happen. 

Your demands brought the thought forward.

Whenever you find yourself clinging to hatred rather than love, or feeling love as a form of weakness, use the following words in the form of a prayer:

  • I cannot fail when I extend my inner Self. This one and whole truth is never weak.  It makes me strong. The power in any decision is my own, given to me by God.

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To all the love in you,                                                                                                                 

James Nussbaumer

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