Let Go of the Feeling of Not Belonging and Bring Out Your Best

When you can let go of the feeling of not belonging, the Holy Spirit—your inner Healer and Comforter, wants you to see truth in that you belong to the world and is truly where you belong. 

Your real inner power of the subconscious mind is reached when you let go of what is you do not want.

What is not true in your life at this moment is never going to suddenly, or even gradually, make itself be true.  Time does not make the truth, but it can help you to see it. 

In book 1 of the series I take you deep to explore…This only seems like a hard lesson to learn, because your ego mind and others may think otherwise, and fight you on it. 

But all you need do for now when feeling of not belonging is to simply consider and let go of all the distortions you have made of nothing, and the strange forms and feelings, actions and reactions that you weave of the falsities in your life. 

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Be truthful on this with yourself, and don’t worry about having to share this with any other individual, unless you choose to. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Say to the Holy Spirit only, ‘Decide for me’, and it is done.”

There really is nothing to dissect, or have long deep thought over when it comes to understanding truth.  It cannot be understood; it can only be accepted that you belong to the world to awaken from it. 

To try and dissect it is only your fight against it.

By your willingness to let go and to be what you are intended to be, which is what you truly want, you must trust that the Universal Inspiration will inspire you to release your sights from the nothingness you have been living by. 

As the darkness you have been living under is drawn to the Light, all others will begin seeing this change in you, and the whole Child of God—the One Mind we all share as a whole, will know it. 

In book 2 you’ll see why…This means people will start showing up in your life to assist you with your loving purpose. 

Everyone you encounter will notice the light about you, and they will see in you what you have not been seeing in yourself.  Some will be cautious at first.  

However, this is necessary so that their curiousness may be exposed to your light, which will bring them to where they let go and eventually being a “happy learner” as well, in some fashion that complements their uniqueness.  After all, isn’t this how you are becoming a happy learner?

Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit did not create truth.  It always has been and will always be. 

Therefore, when you let go of darkened ego-based thought and extend truth through your ever-radiant light, any feeling of not belonging fades, because you are continuing to learn from the Holy Spirit as Love and Truth flows from God. 

As you begin to hear the Holy Spirit coming through other happy learners, the lesson will always remain that we will never be able to make nothing into everything. 

A Course in Miracles helps us see…This lesson in itself is strong enough to keep the ego silenced and the feeling of not belonging. 

You will see that nothingness has previously been your goal, and now you have let go of this foolishness and realize exactly why you belong to the world. 

The foolishness is constantly being corrected and reversed, and then given back to you as Truth and is how you reach maximum potential..

In myself, I started noticing that when I let go and didn’t worry any longer over the shame I once felt for being labeled a “convicted felon” and for the grief I caused my family. 

I accepted the fact that their thoughts were their own. 

I do not own or control anyone else’s thoughts. 

When I would write letters to them from prison, I overlooked (forgive) any such thoughts they may have.  I would focus my communication to them on my own optimism in that my errors are now behind me, and for now while still in prison, I am okay. 

My focus is on what I am doing now, and not on what has already gone by.  This, in turn, allows me to be more connected with the world.

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To realizing you must let go of what you don’t want,                                                               

James Nussbaumer

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