A Course in Miracles-Life’s Abundance Rising to the Surface in You

A Course in Miracles and its purpose, principles, and practice has helped many worldwide to claim life’s abundance through everyday miracles in their lives.

If you are not realizing your power of mind–meaning hearing the voice for God, you’re not listening, is what millions of people everywhere agree including famous people like Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and millions more who are life students of the Course.

When I first discovered the dirty, yellowed, nicotine-stained, battered, and torn, worn copy of A Course in Miracles stowed away on a scrappy prison library shelf, I knew I was being sent a gift. 

This thought struck me due to the feeling I’d had for quite a few years that a positive change in me was needed.

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 My churning confusion had gotten the best of me. 

The timing was appropriate when the message rang through me that I was no longer alone or lacking. 

Life’s abundance was merely waiting for me to open my eyes. 

I heard mention of A Course in Miracles periodically and at odd times during my business years, as I would read the books of certain self-help authors.  I intended to look further and it was totally unlike me not to, but something always seemed to hold me back.

In my first book, The Master of Everything, I describe this miracle meeting in detail, and I’ve written book 2 of the ever-developing series as its follow-up message. 

I wasted no time diving into the extremely deep content A Course in Miracles offers, and although I have always been an avid reader, I found its subject matter to be like a foreign language: difficult to understand and to contemplate. 

But Truth does ring through its depth.

I found that after extended periods of reading the text, I would often get headaches, watery and burning eyes, and my nerves would feel on edge, leading to frustration and anxiety. 

I would become cranky or grouchy and feel defensive, snapping at and berating myself over the slightest things, which were usually a result of reliving my past. 

This was not a good attitude for my survival in prison, where I thought I needed to be as sharp as a tack.  Later I would learn and accept these reactions as my own ego in revolt against me, a resistance to the Oneness of mind I was shifting toward. 

It was my ego’s fight over losing control of my real self, which it thought had been trapped and bound.  I find this no different than when you put a baby down at bedtime who screams in rage, throwing a tantrum over not wanting to go to sleep. 

But by keeping the child in bed and ignoring its tirade, the child’s antics with time will simmer down, and with the use of more time the child goes to sleep.

The urging swelled in me to dive deeper, to absorb like a sponge all that I could of A Course in Miracles many volumes of text, workbook for students, manual for teachers song of prayer and more. 

Still difficult to comprehend on the surface, something was directing and leading me to keep on reading, regardless of what I did not understand initially. 

I was loving the process as it pulled me deeper, and the urging voice was constant for me to continue.

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To miracles in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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