Down on Our Luck: Yes, We All Have Been there Right?

We all have been down on our luck before and you must know what I mean.

Myself, had to make the choice to either rise above the troubles that bound us or to simply give up and continue to live in darkness.

But when getting through tough times often the darkness begins to define who we truly are, it brings on more darkness and serious problems usually accompany.

How to overcome personal challenges by more clearly understanding the subliminal mind:

However, ego perceptions always reflect confusion, you know what I mean, Yes?

Well, then, and indecisiveness, which keeps the ego holding the reins to separation and where getting through tough times seems what you’re always caught up in.

Perhaps learn to practice and make the power of positive thinking is your dominating mindset to life.

Don’t feel alone.

There are numerous people who deal with and frequently question themselves every day because this is a typical problem.

Okay, Set your Goal

A Course in Miracles profoundly states:

  • “You who have tried to learn what you do not want should take heart, for although the curriculum you set yourself is depressing indeed, it is merely ridiculous if you look at it.”

Mindfulness is a state of awareness in the present moment, when your mind is relaxed and conscious of your experience, including feelings and ideas, experiences and breathing, and accepts whatever, with an attitude of non-resistance and equanimity.

Imaginative visualization, one of the most used techniques of innovative meditation, can help us with fulfilling personal desires, such as succeeding in professional life or attracting happiness.

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Try to look at things in a different based on you life struggles, like this: To choose your attitude is one of those things that is in your power.

If we do not make the effort to consciously choose a favorable state of mind, we run the risk of developing an unfavorable one at random.

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All my best to you in your life dream,

James Nussbaumer

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