Choose Your Attitude for each Day with the Power of your Thoughts

To choose your attitude is one of those things that is in your power. No one on this planet tells your mind how to operate.

While many may try, like well-meaning but misinformed family and friends trying to tell you how to think.

Do you purposely pick and choose your attitude each day?

Yes, I mean, with intention each morning do you decide how your day is going to go? Most of us tend to let our circumstances, other people, situations, and other things select our mindset.

This is the final of a 5 article series on the power of a truly positive state of mind, and we started with Gaining Self-Control, and then onto Power of Positive Thinking, and that merged into Get the Life You Want, and then about Self-Improvement Tips that has already gone viral. 

Now here we are with, So how do you truly choose your attitude?

Sure, the kids may make twists in our schedules—where multi-tasking is necessary, but we learn to withstand our efforts to keep the schedule running smoothly. What occurs to our state of mind then?

If we do not make the effort to consciously choose a favorable state of mind, we run the risk of developing an unfavorable one at random. That fearful, doubting, guilty and often judgmental aspect in us sneaks in the back door on us.

How would your life change if would knowingly choose your attitude every single day?

For starters, you’d surely feel on the better side about your life.

You’d feel more determined about chasing your heart’s desires, your goals and dreams, due to the fact that you’d believe in the possibilities for making them your reality.

To find your power

We’d love the idea about having fun in the time spent with our families and good friends more often, since we’d wish to share our pleasure with others. We would learn how to find our power within and be enlightened in our capability to live life on our own terms.

Don’t you think so?

We certainly would be in a position to conquer obstacles with ease, since life would be easier with positive vibrations going on with our potential and capabilities. Surely we would enjoy deeply and entirely without fear of rejection or betrayal.

We would stop briefly to look at the wonder in the little and more loving instants in life, without thoughts of anxiety to keep on pressing on, just to satisfy our own ego-based mind because it’s so fearful.

Simply since you choose your attitude or a favorable state of mind does not suggest that your life will change into uniquely clean-flowing works of art and remain that way permanently.

No, but I mean to choose your attitude for a positive state is a routine and a process that the successful icons of the world have used.

The trick is how we pick and choose to respond to these experiences.

You may be asking, exactly, what’s the point of a favorable mindset. If we’ll still experience unfavorable circumstances, why trouble with picking a positive state of mind?

By being willing and ready to choose your attitude each day, rather than doom and gloom, and thoughts of lacking, we are in fact attracting more favorable experiences, and reducing the probability of negative experiences.

In this context, it’s easy to see how a favorable state of mind would be powerful.

Do You Have Resiliency?

Over time, this resiliency begins to enhance and empower us, which will show through in our demeanor.

We start attracting individuals and situations, as well as relationships we see that aligns with our own look on life and love. This is how we transform.

I mean true bliss!

And to choose your attitude all starts with a miraculous substance called power of our thoughts! Yes, it surely is a thought process, but if you keep it simple you will begin having a strong attitude that empowers your thinking.

Simply concentrate on establishing a stronger awareness when you choose your attitude, see it through in all the minutes of your day, and down to instants, and on to moments in your daily experiences, and start picking and choosing a more positive outlook.

Call it a “holy instant” as A Course in Miracles states.

It requires time to understand the full benefits of this kind of frame of mind, but it is time well-spent.

The right attitude to work with

Prior to you knowing it, you’ll be among those people you used to appreciate for their persistence and strength, and your life will change in remarkable methods.

Think about it, how would your life transform if you purposely began to choose your attitude in a favorable state of mind each day?

Just because we pick a positive attitude does not suggest that our lives will change into smoothly-flowing works of art and stay that way permanently.

But as I’ve said, by selecting a favorable mindset each day, we are in fact attracting more favorable experiences, and decreasing the probability of negative experiences.

A Course in Miracles states, “Be not content with littleness.”

Just try to focus on establishing a stronger awareness of your attitude each moment of each day, each “holy instant,” and begin picking a more favorable one more often.

(By the way, if you’re still wanting more information you are most likely in a reflective state right now, so, I seriously suggest this related article on the power of positive thinking and a life you deserve.)

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