Lost in Life is the Feeling to Find Yourself

Feeling lost in life is not always a bad thing and may just be a necessary feeling to help you find yourself.  This longing for change and a better life can mean that you are beginning to see the light through the fog.

This can mean you are beginning to sense your real Home. And here, is where you begin to manifest miracles, not magic, in your life.

Have you ever felt lost in life and that the world around you—all that you see through the air, land, and sea—just doesn’t seem to be home? 

Or, phrased differently, something feels like it’s missing in your life and that you can’t seem to find yourself, but you can’t seem to pinpoint it, or even narrow it down?   

How often have we all said, “I wish I could find myself,” or “I just can’t seem to touch what has been bothering me so I may heal and have a better life”?

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You may experience such a stage of feeling lost in life that passes with the help of time; but then with more time that “lost” feeling arises again. 

Your experience tells you that nothing is different in the way you feel, other than this time you are older. 

In book 1 of the series we discuss deeply…The situations or circumstances going on around making you feel lost in life you may divert your attention for a while, until the lingering memory or sense of a greater reality comes back to haunt you and seem to own you.  

In book 2 we explore why…You still feel lost, or like an alien from somewhere unknown. 

It’s as though you are here in exile. 

This may be a subtle feeling that surfaces every now and then, sometimes nothing more than a tiny throb, and at other times a blur that is hardly remembered—actively dismissed, but persistent and sure to return.

A Course in Miracles helps us see why…No one ever figures out where this place for a better life might be that has claim to your naturalness. 

Many try to shrug off feeling lost in life, or hide their suffering in dreams, or in games they play to occupy their time and keep their sadness suppressed. 

Others will deny any such feelings and not recognize or admit their fear at all.  And most people will maintain that what I speak of here is a figment of the imagination. 

Yet who, in simple honesty, without being defensive and self-deceived, would deny he understands what I mean about feeling lost in life?

Is There Really Any Stability I Can Achieve?

This article is to get you thinking about your own real natural gifts, what you are capable of, and is for everyone who walks this planet and who wants to understand that it is okay to be seeking for something stable, because you surely are lost and seemingly not at your real Home. 

The individuals who seek for change and a better life have been uncertain, in an endless search through the fog for what he or she cannot seem to find, while not recognizing that they already hold onto it. Their full potential is within them!

Getting through the fog

A Course in Miracles states, “The light that joins you and your brother shines throughout the universe, and because it joins you and him, so it makes you and him one with your Creator.”

Striving continues for the perfect family and home, the career, cars, the vacations and all the toys, which are all fine, and you should enjoy these things. 

Yet none of this gives contentment to our restless and foggy mind, or heals feeling lost in life with one thing for sure: the fear of death and hell, and believe it or not, the fear of the gate to Heaven.

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To a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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