Finding Happiness Answers-What On Earth Am I Here For?

Finding happiness is a search we’d all like to conclude.

Likewise, what on earth am I here for, is a question that rumbles on inside many of us.

Finding happiness is discovered, or should I say, uncovered, state of being perhaps where you’re trying to know yourself.

We all want to achieve it. But we seem to have trouble finding our way, and it seems illusory.

In books 1, 2 and 3, and quite frankly the rest of the series we deeply explore…Have you ever felt like the journey to know yourself was over and that finding happiness has been achieved, and then moments later muttering to yourself, and questioning, how long will this feeling last?

Isn’t that a lost feeling?

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Let’s look at this brief parable:

In a remote realm of perfection, the kingdom was suddenly bereft. 

There ruled a just and all-loving monarch who had wonderful children, and they lived in happiness together as a loving family. 

One day the father called to his eldest child with something extremely important to say.

“The time has come, my dear son,” he announced, “to complete what has suddenly left our kingdom wanting.  I am sending you away, an infinite distance, to another land.  You shall seek and find and bring back the precious Jewel.”

The son traveled in disguise to this strange land, whose inhabitants almost all lived in darkness hoping to begin finding happiness. 

Such was the effect of this place that the child lost touch with himself, wandering around in a daze as if only partially awake.

From time to time he saw phantoms, and similitudes of his homeland and of the Jewel, but such was his condition that these things only increased the degree of his daydreaming, which he now accepted as his reality.

When news of his son’s plight reached the king, he sent word to the son by a trusted messenger, a Guide, who possessed a wise spirit blessed by the king.  The Guide located and approached the son.  “Remember your purpose here,” He told the lad.  “You must begin to awaken from your reverie and find your way.”

With this message the son roused himself, and with the help of the Guide, the son dared to face the monstrous perils that surrounded the Jewel. 

But by the miraculous powers within the Jewel, the son easily returned to his realm, to remain in increased peace and happiness forevermore.

You have these miraculous powers of the Jewel deep within yourself, as do we all, and it is a treasure of incalculable value.  Because the power and strength of the Jewel is within, you are that Jewel

If you can realize and accept this fact, you will come into a permanent endowment of knowledge, revealing and extending your true identity to others so that they too may realize this in their own selves. 

You will come to know yourself and become confident as to what on earth am I here for. 

Just as this ancient parable is said to contain all wisdom in its various levels of interpretation, so do you contain this truth within you.

A Course in Miracles helps us answer…What is happiness without the truth within?  A Course in Miracles states, “Truth can only be recognized and need only be recognized.”

While there is no magical way for finding happiness, there is a divine nature, a science, if you will, and when you come to know yourself from the truth within—that Jewel, the better you will become to remaining happier, longer.

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