Personal Transformation Today: A Fulfilling Life with no Fear

How do we experience personal transformation today unless we get a grip on our fear, guilt, doubt and the like.

What I mean is, are you accepting this tiny little fence of guilt and fear you placed around yourself?

Again, I mean to state and fear, doubt, guilt and the like enclosed area as yourself, alone?

Okay, look at it this way:

The sun and ocean do not compare to what you truly are. The sun’s little ray is bright only in the light of the sun, and the ripple dances only as the ocean roars.

Yet neither the sun nor ocean has the power that abides in you.

You will be discovering with your own personal transformation today why your real relationships are not bound within this fence you claim as your tiny kingdom.

I hope you know in your heart what I mean.

As you contemplate this article for your benefit consider this spiritual metaphysical lesson from A Course in Miracles: 

  • Personal transformation brings forth creating and is the opposite of loss, as blessing is the opposite of sacrifice. Your passion and being must be extended. That is how it retains the knowledge of itself. 

Yes, and so much more about we have so many fears.

What will come forward in your mind will keep you from remaining a worrisome king, a guilty ruler of all that you project, affecting your marriage and other relationships, looking on fantasy as being important while defending your fear of dying.

People who experience personal transformation today seem to always grow with each step they take.

I mean to say that these peoples seem to exceed the little self or little fence that is not really you.

Deep within you and surrounding this reality, infinitely with love, beyond what this world has taught you, is the glorious wholeness of life.

Your deepest personal transformation today certainly welcomes you as part of its happiness and deep context.

This little external appearance from your body’s eyesight that you thought sets you apart, is no exception.

You will see for yourself instead of just reading about it, that real life has no knowledge of human bodies, and it reaches to everything created like it.

Why are so many fearful of personal transformation today and limitless is its meaning.

Real life has no body.

Your reality is completely impartial in its giving because whatever is whole is contained completely within itself.

Because nothing real is outside of your mind, your tiny kingdom means nothing. You’ll learn to make the decision to call on life to enter as you lay down the thought of a fence as your guard or barrier.

Let’s consider for a moment, the driest desert imaginable, unproductive, scorched, and joyless, which makes up what you call your tiny kingdom.

Try to realize the joy and contentment that an abundant life of love would bring to it from where it comes, to where it would return within you.

Now enters the one single whole Thought of Life—God, encompassing your little kingdom, waiting at the fence you made to come inside and shine upon the barren ground.

The illusive thought of the fence fades away, life suddenly springs up everywhere. The desert becomes a garden, green, lush, and deep and quiet, offering rest to those who lost their way and wander in the dust.

You give them a place of refuge, prepared by love for them where a desert once was.

Everyone you welcome will bring life and love from Heaven for you.

This may sound fictitious and too good to be true at this point in the book, but as you begin advancing from chapter to chapter you will come to understand it as real.

They will enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as they arrived, alone. The love of life they bring with them will stay with them just as it will stay with you.

A brotherhood of whole and lasting life. How so? you ask.

You share the same mind—the fenceless garden that is no longer little. It benefits by expanding through extension and will reach deeply within everyone who thirsts for the water of the one Thought of Life that is held within His mind.

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No One Will Go on Alone while Experiencing Personal Transformation Today

You will open your real vision to the gift of willingness and a readiness to become whole with the reality you see in others.

This reality is your shared brotherhood—your brothers/sisters that you will welcome because they bring your real self to completion with them.

You will grow and stretch across the desert, leaving no lonely kingdom fenced off from reality.

You will recognize your real self and see your little garden transformed into the kingdom known as Heaven, with the life your creator intended for you within Him—His mind.

Your presence with eternity, that immediate proximity you always have available in a place of no-time and no-space—that instant perceptible between past and future, called the now.

In this place is your invitation for real life to enter your bleak and joyless tiny kingdom. It will be transformed into a garden of peace and a fulfilling life.

It is the real answer to life inevitable as you arrive without a body and interpose no barriers that interfere with its glad arrival.

The immediate presence of this life contains nothing more or less than an instant, an eternal holy instant where you ask of life only what it offers the whole, which is everything.

You will receive what you ask for and it is certain.

The asking is your self-lifting the tiny appearance that you make of yourself without Heaven’s help.

The kingdom will be yours like it always has been, but you didn’t realize so. No part of life calls on the whole in vain or for lack of substance, where no Child of God remains outside of His Kingdom, or, we can call it His Fatherhood.

You may not have been recognizing that life has come to you, that doors have always been open.

You have missed this inner vision because you have not let go of all the barriers you hold against being whole.

What kind of barrier? you may ask.

Fear for starters. Fear of what? you ask, again.

For now, I’ll simply add that you and your brother/sister of wholeness in mind cannot give life an open welcome separately.

To even try only piles on more guilt and fear, which means further fragmenting of the separated mind.

This means you can no more know God alone than He knows you without your brother/sister. The wholeness of each of you, those no longer here, and those yet to arrive in bodily form, have always been His whole Child.

Thereby, together you are no more unaware of real life than it cannot know of you or fail to recognize in you.

Even though we appear to be in this world of form, we’ve already reached the end of an ancient journey, not yet realizing it is over.

You are still questionable, worn, tired, and the desert’s dust still seems to cloud your real vision, keeping you sightless for the time being.

My hope is that as you keep in tune with blog and ever-developing book series where you will begin to closely see that the fence, the desert, and all your pain have been a dream of separation from the Mind of God.

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