Where to Find Happiness and How to Have Inner Peace

If you’re looking for where to find happiness and not succeeding, perhaps you’re looking in the wrong places. If you have not been able to begin finding inner peace and happiness in your life, it could be you’re not looking within yourself.

Our level of happiness is based upon our ideas and our thoughts are a reflection of exactly what’s in our minds.

It’s where to find happiness and how to have inner peace.

We can begin the quest for where to find happiness by separating our memories into a few different chests for different reasons, if you will.

  • The ‘Treasure Chest’ of the mind is where we put our most valued memories.

We open this chest when searching for a happy life; contentment, comfort and balance and harmony in life.

  • The ‘Hope Chest’ of our mind is for our objectives and goals.

 This is for imagining how tomorrow will turn out to be a tremendous success. As each is fulfilled it is then moved to our Treasure Chest.

  • The ‘Dumpster Chest’ of the mind is for letting go of the things we no longer what to hold onto.

I mean those things that keep us from living a happy life. It’s those notions that are only holding you back in life. When in this chest they are discarded, to be forever released and surrendered.

By not having these things lingering we no longer need to ask; “How can I find happiness?”

When these memories are put in the Dumpster Chest you need to never go digging them out. You are done with it.

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How to Get the Life you want

The Course in Miracles states, “There is no need to learn through pain.”

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Your ideas are a reflection of who and what you are, and also help you get the life you want and how to have inner peace. Delighted people have delighted ideas.

That doesn’t mean that the pleased person never has a wrong-minded ego-based thought, it means the happy person knows the best ways to move these bad attitudes and the like into the Dumpster Chest and then forget them.

If someone mentions something poorly about you and is not pleasant, or somebody acts and is very distasteful, don’t take it to heart, it is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of them.

Do you think they are more than happy?

It’s merely what remains in their Treasure Chest or Hope Chest that should have been put in their Dumpster Chest? How unfortunate for them, however do not let it affect you.

Living a Happy Life

If you want to enjoy, take the time to sit and listen, and then believe about your ideas and destiny.

Put the good ones in your Treasure Chest or Hope Chest and the bad ones in your Dumpster Chest.

Focus just on your Treasure Chest and Hope Chest for they are now full of the jewels of hope and joy, and it’s where to find happiness.

The Course in Miracles also states, “What gives you happiness you want to learn and not forget.”

Simply keep in mind without judgement or condemnation, that peaceful and happy individuals spend their effort adding to their Treasure and Hope chests, while dissatisfied individuals spend their time arranging through the dumpster.

If you are serious about where to find happiness and joy, leave the garbage behind and become a treasure hunter.

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To the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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