Finding Inner Peace and Happiness with Balance and Harmony in Life

Finding inner peace and happiness is important, balance and harmony in life even in our careers. But what does having a happy life truly mean? Is our definition for how to achieve happiness real and correct?

How and where to find happiness can be misleading?

As humans we emphasize the idea of sacrifice, pain, and suffering to get the life you want, and this can be illusory thinking.

The Course in Miracles states, “You are not free to give up freedom, but only to deny it.”

One of our foundational passages is, “Sow in tears reap in joy, ”but, there’s something within me re-interpreting that passage to really mean, “You receive and enjoy exactly what you give to life.”

While I often hear it used negatively by someone who anticipates some “chickens to come home to roost,” I choose to consider it as something positive and right-minded.

But I see it more so as “happy kinds of tears” allowing you to ultimately finding inner peace and happiness.

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How reassuring to believe that our hard work will be rewarded with a crop of something great?

How terrific to believe that putting love and care into some project or person will certainly be rewarded by finding inner peace and happiness.

Of course, while much of the world provides lip service to the notion of our right to a happy life, all too many individuals do not truly believe it means for them, too.

When thinking, “How can I Find Happiness?”

Many people merely think they don’t deserve how to find happiness in life.

As well as those who do think wrong-mindedly this way seems to accept where to find happiness as not a destiny for them as they’re always faced with bad luck.

Every person does deserve finding inner peace and happiness, and the idea of, “Sow in tears reap in joy” can be contagious and great if understood.

It’s why I always urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and often is of the habits of successful people everywhere. 

The more that people extend a happy life the more individuals they find to share that with.  We owe it to ourselves to sow in tears reap in joy and finding inner peace and happiness with balance and harmony in life.

We owe it to humanity as a whole. A happy life will assist others and motivate others to begin finding inner peace and happiness.

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If we can’t seem to figure out how to find happiness in life we are likely making others dissatisfied also (even if inadvertently) and it is extremely unlikely we are doing much to add to the happiness of others.

So, that said, when you’re asking yourself how can I find happiness?, consider shifting forward with these easy actions:

But first, think about this principle from the Course in Miracles: “Fear not that you will be abruptly lifted up and hurled into reality.”

  • Action 1—Be Willing and Ready for a Happy Life

You can accomplish this step for finding inner peace and happiness by very first using your power of choice to just decide that you want a happy life. Part of searching for where to find happiness, is in wanting to enjoy life.

Once you have dedicated yourself to the course of finding inner peace and happiness for yourself, then you must rid yourself of the idea that joy is luck or based upon material possessions or personal outer beauty.

Nothing outside of your true inner Self can help you how to find happiness in life. A happy life extends from within you to your exterior world.

  • Action 2—Visualize that already you are Finding Inner Peace and Happiness

When you initially wake up and at different points during the day spend some time with the power of visualization as a happy person, every day.

Picture you laughing, smiling, unwinding.

Picture yourself as happy.

The more you can answer your true calling by painting this wonderful portrait of yourself with a paint brush called the Truth, your mind will much easier guide you to a happy life.

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  • Action 3—Assume you Naturally have Balance and Harmony in Life

Lots of individuals tend to assume that they will invest much of their lives either unhappy or at least struggling and not really pleased. In some cases people were simply born and then learned how to have a positive outlook that life is great.

They have simply exercised their power of choice that they will always be finding inner peace and happiness.

Focus on the areas of your life that offer you balance and harmony whenever you feel distress seeping in, and no matter what unfortunate situation presents you—that you will be ready to rise above adversity.

Always Pursue the Idea of Balance and Harmony in Life

Remember, how to find happiness in life rarely is discovered by accident.

While you might discover a happy life in unforeseen places you should initially open yourself to the idea that wherever you are is where to find happiness. Some people are so miserable that they step right around balance and harmony in life when they come across it.

Also keep in mind, you should have a happy life and you can lead a peaceful life, but in the end you “enjoy life because you give your heart to it.”

If you “sow” with optimistic, right-minded tears, then you will reap happiness and inner peace.

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To living a happy life,

James Nussbaumer

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