Nothing To Fear When Your Imagination Speaks For Why You Are Here

When your imagination has nothing to fear, you never wonder why you are here. It’s when you are powerful! On the other hand, when you really feel anxiety you operate by it, too. 

At such times you instantly imagine regrettable or dissatisfied situations keeping you from your heart’s desire, and if you maintain your imagination in these unfavorable psychic photos you might ultimately attract them right into your life.

In book 1 of the series we look deep to why and how…Many individuals have the capability to manage exactly what enters their minds with nothing to fear.

But this absence of control causes absence of control over their lives. Allow your imagination to run with projecting trouble, and your life will certainly be a mess.

Having nothing to fear with your imagination just may transform your life according to your true free will.

If you’re like I used to be, you wish you could return to your childhood so you could have a chance to do things differently and see that there’s nothing to fear in your heart’s desire. 

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You know, that younger body, that old neighborhood—maybe with the ongoing ballgames in the backyards, running through the lawn sprinkler on hot summer afternoons, or building a snowman in the front yard in the winter. 

A Course in Miracles helps to see that…All of this is only a memory, your imagination, like a dream you once had, but your heart’s desire might be so distorted that you can barely hold a picture of it now.

This distortion is what makes you wonder why you are here.

My goal here is that you begin to come to know the part of you that accepts yourself as an alien in this world, but as well not lost from your true Home. 

Your home is the childhood all around you, which is eternal, with an innocence that calls the shots while you’re here walking around this land. 

In books 2 and 3 you will see…This real and true childhood is your Divinity and brings to Earth a pure reflection of “why” you are here. 

In that reasoning of “why you are here” is the spotlight of your imagination that has already shone Its intended purpose onto you, and now all you need to do is simply play out the role. 

It’s really that simple, with nothing to fear.

While living in the Light of your imagination you’ll know your way and will no longer feel lost, because you will discover you are innocent of everything. 

All fear and guilt will fade.  Your goals are not a figment of your imagination, but are real, and there’s nothing to fear if they are your heart’s desire.

Your imagination within your heart’s desire is the Voice that tells you to lay down all defenses and let the Child within you lead the way.  His Home is yours.  The gate has nothing to fear and the way is open to you. 

The only figment of your imagination has been the world’s blockade that you’ve allowed to hold you back, along with the obscuring fog limiting your vision of this Light, or, true joy, we may say.

A Course in Miracles states, “Joy is unified purpose, and unified purpose is only God’s. When yours is unified it is His.”

You’ve already taken the first step toward your heart’s desire by doing whatever it was that somehow directed you to this article, and in these brief words simply walk the gentle way while fearing no evil and no shadows in the night.  Both are unreal.

I welcome you to the journey and to your heart’s desire with all that I can be.  

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To why you are here and nothing to fear,

James Nussbaumer

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