Writing Goals and Objectives – Build Intrinsic Value for a World that Needs you

Make your objectives achievable when out to tell the world something in your writing goals. I mean be real and to the heart. Some will criticize you and others will applaud you.

You might unconsciously have actually set an objective even others will have a hard time attaining, even if they had the means and the time to do so.

Do you know what I mean?

As you contemplate this piece, keep in mind that the Course in Miracles teaches that, “Your true free will is the power of the universe, because it is God’s Will.”

Here’s what you can do about your writing goals, and I mean you must painstakingly break down your objectives into little things that even you may worry over about others criticizing you, like even your own family.

Usually, you’ll accomplish your bigger objectives if you deal with accomplishing the smaller goals causing those.

The important thing is making your goals as realistic and as achievable as you can.

Now, once you have committed to your real Heart, you must devise a feasible plan.

I mean, only you know exactly what you want, however, do you understand the best ways to get what you desire?

Do you require artistic or technical training to attain your goals? Or, maybe do you need additional research studies?  

Do you have a set strategy that will lead to the accomplishment of your writing goals?

What things, both concrete and intangible, do you have to help you in reaching your goals?

Take a minute to take a seat and note the important things you require and make your action strategy on your writing goals.

This is a great time to break them down into small, sensible objectives then tackle them one day at a time!

Withstand spreading yourself too thinly, but also you must commit to your heart and ABSOLUTELY NOT allow anyone to persuade you against your heroic mission.

The Course in Miracles states, God’s Will is your salvation.”

In some cases, it’s better to deal with one goal at a time, instead of doing and shooting for numerous all at the same time.

Deal with a lot of objectives at one offered time and you’ll find out you’re nowhere near accomplishing even one objective.

If you listen to NON-WRITERS for advice, then you are Doomed!

For example, I write creative non-fiction, a book series with a great publisher, and I had a non-writer family member, ZERO experience, try to tell me I should write fiction books instead. (WHEW!. know what I mean?)

So you MUST stay with your heart!

(Here’s how to genuinely stay focused on your goals by realizing and listening to the inner voice of love.)  

You won’t have the ability to focus your complete energy on any of your writing goals let alone one goal.

Prioritize your objectives and start with either your leading priority or your most practical objective.

You will find you’re able to do more even if you are not experienced by following a proven system if you can find one.

So, the bottom line is, break down your writing goals into little, reasonable objectives set against affordable time frames.

Often, you’ll accomplish your bigger goals if you work on accomplishing the smaller goals leading to those.

Do not listen to the NAYSAYERS and stay with your heart.

Do you require artistic or technical training to accomplish your writing goals and objectives.

If so, take action by seeking them out. Work on so lots of writing projects, but of the same niche, and you will discover you’re on your way to a dream being lived.

By the way, you will need to stay focused, so stay abreast with keeping your mind in right-minded state so most of the time you will be at your best.

And this is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, and get to that calm real inner state of mind that is advising you on what to do next. And here’s a review on that… 

I will add that writing seriously for a living as I do can be nerve wracking at times.

You at times, because of how hard you’re working, may tend to lean toward self-sabotage and wrong-minded thoughts about your writing being lousy.

Just keep going, and the real YOU will prevail.

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To the life you want, 

James Nussbaumer

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