How Can we be Happy and Content with Life?

How can we be happy and exactly what is it that we are so afraid of? Why won’t we release or let go of all this wanting more of things we do not really need?

What I mean is, consider that a shark cannot rest, it cannot stop swimming or it will lose its way and ultimately die, it will drown.

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Humankind in many instances seems to be acting in the very same manner, and continues to wonder, how can we be happy?

It is though we are running for our lives. We are being chased by something that is imprisoning and are not sure how to learn to be happy.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “Those who choose freedom will experience only its results.”

There is a seriousness to obtain someplace, anywhere, and we do not know what to search for or where, but it is always out there, someplace.

At least this is what we think.

Unconsciously we have left the place that we are looking for.

The inner peace and state of happiness or bliss that we experienced so long earlier as kids and as the person we were, seems to be gone.

How to become a Happier Person

We appear to have actually lost our way and are running just for the sake of running.

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It is as though while we remain in an animal type stampede we continually ask; how can we be happy? One starts running and we are following blindly still wondering and pondering, how can we be happy?

What happened with our innocence and happiness? Someplace along the way we have actually lost it, so it seems. Somebody, somewhere along the way, told us to us to run and we have not stopped.

But we continue to seek for an answer to, how can we be happy? And this is why I so encourage you to learn mindfulness meditation, or a type of yoga for healing.

The commercial transformation has pushed us forward in a craze to gain and own things, and to win at all cost while someone else must lose.

It is the carrot dangling that now moves us beyond our natural ways, far from what we truly desire.

It has taken us away from our natural capability to be at peace, to be happy and content with life. ‘Things,’ have actually guaranteed us happiness, but we do not feel pleased when we have them.

We have forgotten ways for being happy naturally and fear will we never be promoted.

The Course in Miracles also says, “The plan is not of you, nor need you be concerned with anything except the part that has been given you to learn.”

Can we Learn to be Happy?

We have been told that we cannot reverse; we cannot go back to the way it was in the past due to the fact that we would not have our things.

This is one of the best lies that have been passed on from one generation to another.

How to become a happier person is where you discover it, we are informed, and this is absolutely true if we understand that we can discover peace anywhere if we’re happy first.

The question of how can we be happy, brings worry and fear into our lives. But how to be content with life comes from within and is not put upon us by things.

Distress of our seeking for how can we be happy is produced from the thought that we require the things necessary to be happy, and we go on to keep believing this unhappiness comes from our lack or absence of material possessions.

If illness, mishaps, sorrow, isolation, suffering and lack comes from an error in ideas and thought, then just the perceptions need to be changed in order to learn to be happy.

The Course in Miracles states, “Nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so.”

When thoughts turn towards material desires then they turn away from comforting human feeling, natural love, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment and belonging.

Truly Finding Happiness

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The simpler life is the closest we get to true happiness, because we become focused on it.

If all we really desire is to be content with life, why would we not reside in a cave and live simple if it brings us back to perhaps learn to be happy.  

If we are heading in a direction that leads away from how to become a happier person, why do we keep going there?

This is something the most highly influential and habits of successful people everywhere have learned how to tackle, and it’s why they act like a success and think like a success.

Is it that we are more than happy to be unhappy, or that finding happiness is not to be found other than in our thoughts?

 Is it that we believe that happiness does not last, so why pursue it? What is it that we make with the butterfly once we capture it?

Is the happiness found in capturing the butterfly or letting it go once we have been there, or is it both? Can we experience happiness without experiencing all of the revers?

Is the pleasure of releasing a precept in experiencing happiness once we have found it? Must we turn away from joy so that we may find it later on?

If we learn to be happy and remain that way, will we forget exactly what it means to be happy?

All of our experiences are by doing this, they are cyclical, and we cannot know what we have or experienced until we no longer have it.

We need to move far from it so that we can return to it.

What does it mean to be Happy?

So if living our complex lives is not bringing the joy and inner peace we truly desire, is it since we forgot exactly what it is, or are we now prepared to go back to it?

Is it that we are running from something or is it that we are now running to it?

The trip will stop when we know that we currently have exactly what we want, we merely need to live and breathe it. Finding happiness, fulfillment, and belonging are things that we do not need to look for.

They are exactly what we are naturally, and we simply have moved our thoughts far from them.

Our things, our toys are signs, are not symbols of joy and how to be content with life, they are signs of trying to be something we are not. The truth is we can be content and happy without “things,” or doing anything.

The return to wholeness is the answer to, how can we be happy? But all we need to do is surrender and release the idea that we require anything.

When this happens, we will happily have all the things we truly ever wanted.

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To returning to happiness,

James Nussbaumer

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