Be Authentic and Join the Habits of Successful People for Finding Happiness

To be authentic is a natural characteristic which is genuine and admirable. These authentic people seem to find happiness and a way to success, and we all deeply within possess this genuine character.  

Being authentic is something all of us longs to bring forward.

Each one of us has a responsibility to be authentic and to see the world through his or her naturalness, without fear. 

Since dreams of fantasy are unreal, this is the process of undoing what never was

What do I mean?

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, “Your natural way is the first step toward your own free will, which is your purpose in this world.”

To be authentic is the holiness that keeps us blessed together within the One Mind of God. 

No one loses and nothing is taken away from anyone. 

Everyone gains through this naturalness. 

Or, we can say the holy vision we each sustain is the naturalness of who we are and the way to success for authentic people. 

To be authentic is a way of living your life that signifies the end of the sacrifice, because it offers everyone their free will. 

We’re entitled to everything we truly want.

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Our Way to Success in Life

Your own naturalness not only stops the laws of the world in its tracks, but then reverses them to go beyond every restriction of time, space, distance, and limits of any kind. 

If you will study the true habits of successful people and achievements of many authentic people, you will note that the laws of this world were against such progress. 

Our ability to see beyond the ego-based ways is our holiness. 

Even if it’s “rocket science,” that reflection is the power of God being manifested through us.

We’ve all heard it said before: “There is nothing the power of God cannot do.”  But the material world you dream of has probably never told you that you are equal to His Power in helping others. 

From time to time, when you feel a situation is difficult for you, or for someone else, simply enter a present moment, or, the now, or what the Course in Miracles terms a “holy instant”, to include a thought for yourself or for helping a lost individual.

Try this thought in the form of breathing meditation exercise or prayer:

  • There is nothing my holiness cannot do because the power of God rests in it.

Your holiness—which is your naturalness and the means to be authentic, will always prevail with its glimpses of your true function in this world; this is why you are here.

If we already fully understood the difference between Truth and illusion, the Atonement—the awakening process, would have no meaning, nor would it be necessary, and you wouldn’t be reading this article. 

These glimpses are a touchstone to your Truth beyond the dream of separation, and is why I urge meditation training, which you may find here.

Our healing is the same as Atoning, which is to undo what we don’t want. 

Course in Miracles shows us that, the holy instant, and your holy relationships, are the Holy Spirit’s methods of communication and healing, along with all the means by which awakening is accomplished would have no purpose. 

Finding Happiness for Real

These are clearly aspects of the plan to change our dreams of fear to happy dreams, so we may easily, with calm and quietness of mind, comfortably be authentic and reawaken to knowledge: the Knowledge of it all.

Remember, as you contemplate this article, that all we experience is a mirrored reflection of our genuine character, or inner essence, if you will. 

Yes, it is difficult to not fully focus on our bodies as who we are. 

However, once I was able to realize and accept that my body is a projected image of how I see myself in this world, only then was I able to be authentic and know that I cannot place myself in charge of this reawakening process. 

I’m not capable of distinguishing between my own advances and retreats.

What I mean here is this:

I now see that my so-called self-made way to success in life were actually efforts to retreat deeper into separation, or further into the dream of life, time, and space. 

On the other hand, many of what I thought to be my failures, such as the errors that led me to 8 long bitter years in prison, engendered essential advances toward seeing the real world.

The function of the holy instant is to remove all fear and hatred from our minds. 

Your Genuine Character

The Holy Spirit will remove the guilt, allowing you to have this ego-free holy instant, where you are authentic, simply by your asking Him—by showing Him your genuine character and acceptance of His undoing force, and your willingness to forgive yourself.

I have seen my own little faith, joined with His understanding, which is my totality, help create my free will, my life of purpose, to begin its journey; and what has happened to me is unbelievable. 

Your Inner Divine Guide—the Holy Spirit, needs your true free will—your life of purpose, to be accomplished in order that our false ideas about who we are can be undone with ease.

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To the natural you,

James Nussbaumer

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