Positive Meditation Including Types of Yoga for Creating the Life You Want

Successful positive meditation helps you capture your inner light of creation; and extend that brilliance. Yes, whether it’s breathing meditation, karma yoga, or other reflection power forms are so helpful for a better life. Oh, yes, the spirit of mindfulness meditation, and yoga spirit; an inspiring path where your future might be more grand than […]

To Forgive is to Let Go and Be In the Now

To forgive yourself is also to forgive the past and “let it go,” because it is gone.  You are no longer on the bridge that connects the two worlds.  In fact, the bridge from past to present no longer exists.  A Course in Miracles states that we all stand within the holy instant—which is in […]

Overcoming Challenges: Live Life with a Purpose Now

Overcoming challenges in life is something we’re all faced with at times. Long before my incarceration—over a foolish securities violation, as I describe in detail in my first book of the ever-developing series I thought there was a pile of ongoing problems in my face.  I believe these illusory distractions caused me to make wrong […]