You Must Know Your Why in Life to Be Successful and Finding Meaning in Life

Are you like many people today being confused about what you want in life, perhaps never learning to know your why?

Let’s look at my X, Y, and Z of finding your purpose in life and living your life mission with pure passion!

This brief article is written to get you exploring and probing and taking action on finding meaning in life.

These words today are targeted toward those who “wannabe” successful with what they are passionate about, but are not getting there.

A Course in Miracles states: 

  • “How much do you want salvation? It will give you the real world, trembling with readiness to be giving you.”

The ACIM text further states: 

“The eagerness of the Holy Spirit to give you this is so intense He would not wait, although He waits in patience. Meet His patience with your impatience at delay in meeting Him.” 

But for whatever reason something is holding them back in life.

During a recent conference I was speaking at on learning to know your why, I did a quite powerful presentation in a closed private room after the main conference.

It was on my X, Y, and Z of attaining the leading position in life in the organization called, ‘Your Life.’

The X, Y, and Z  that I mentioned are as follows: X– ‘Xtra’ mile on taking action. Y–‘Your’ Why in Life, and Z–for ‘Zest’ in your mindset. 

The inner hidden secret to success in life is a favorable attitude and to know your why about what you’re passionate about.

We all become aware of it, all of us talk about it and all of us read about, but do all of us have positive attitudes?

Your mindset can have four different powers of choice, and these options are explained below:

  • Taking action:

We all like to raise our heads and take notice of the action taker and his/her grand accomplishments.

  • Doing nothing:

Wherever you see an action taker you see a zillion more procrastinators.

  • Living in the past: 

Far too many of us are living in the past and letting that dictate our futures.

  • Relying on fantasy:

There’s a lot of people in the world who are waiting for something magical to happen, but they stay stuck and are going nowhere.

(Here’s another related article that may help, on why manifesting love always with a life of purpose and passion gets you the life you want.)  

OKAY, so now let’s discuss what else you can do to get moving forward in life rather than being in a rut.

Going forward produces a favorable right-minded mindset, remaining neutral and/or sliding backwards lead to thoughts of a lack.

This is where your self-confidence struggles.

You cannot have both a favorable right-minded and unfavorable wrong-minded mindset working in unison.

A person with a positive mindset will have “down days”, which are qualities of a leader.

In order to be successful in life, you must experience disappointments in life that tend to drive you deeper into your passions.

With your true free will leading the way the power of the universe will help you along.

I mean deeper to where you a more powerful leader with a drive to be successful.

Another important part to developing a favorable mindset is developing daily action taking steps.

There are these essential ingredients below in developing confidence in your life for your life mission:

First let me say that your attitude towards work to reach your goals and objectives is crucial.

Saying, Know Your Why affirmations through mindfulness meditation or other breathing meditation practices is very powerful.

I suggest you do so in the morning and retiring at night.

There’s a wonderful 7 Minute Mindfulness Meditation practice I suggest and you can access it right here.

  • The most important force in your life is your WHY.

This is the ‘XTRA’ , (Spirit in charge) which I speak of thoroughly in my books and other programs and during conferences.

(WHY are you NOT living the life you want day in and day out?)

You really must go within and internalize your ‘WHY.’ I mean you must seek change to begin living the life you actually do want.

A Course in Miracles reminds us to “not be afraid to go within and touch the light of your Naturalness.”

You must establish it into your spirit.

  • Speak with your Mastermind Team.

Try to find a Master-Mind Team to join. This is the ‘Y’ of my X, Y, Z commitment for being successful in life.

I call it X, Y, Z because it ends the struggle of living a life you do not want!

If you can’t for whatever reason join a group, then find a few people to share ideas with about living Your Why in Life.

Speak with people everyday that will eventually help you accomplish the life you want to live.

  • Speak to 2 to 5 new people each week about your life mission and WHY you are so passionate about this part of your life. 

Those brand-new people represent the ‘Z’ for ZEST, of my X,Y,Z attitude toward work for reaching your goals.

They are new seeds of thought that will appreciate your ZEST for life.

“Seeded thoughts in yourself and in others as well as harvest will not cease.”

Those are the few whole-minded principles that will parallel your success in life in whatever you’re after.

Basically what ever you plant you will gather–right-minded positive thought or negative wrong-minded thought.

A forward-moving know your why attitude will assist you to achieve anything for yourself and have an exceptionally successful life.

I challenge you today to examine deeply your ‘WHY ‘passion and purpose.

It’s how successful people think and grow! 

Don’t forget, take action with any material you can get your hands on that you feel comfortable with.

Build a home or office or shop library, on the material you feel will be helpful. It’s always nice and healing to have assistance within reach when you need it most.

Do it today by learning to know your why, and begin seeing what you want in life being manifested right before your eyes.

(Please note, I also suggest this related article on how to use spiritual reflections for nurturing your spirit and sense of purpose in life.)  

To living the life you want,

James Nussbaumer

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And for a better life.

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