Why Feelings of Anxiety Fade Fast Away when Spiritually Minded: A Better Life Podcast

Ridding feelings of anxiety and to heal feeling detached is a benefit of being spiritually minded.

For those with an anxiousness problem, it’s crucial to explore methods that will help minimize or take care of panic, anxiety and/or depression in the long-term.

Perhaps, like discussions and treatment, or being more spiritually aligned. 

This needs no special cure, place, or circumstance. It is not concerned with anything out of your ordinary daily routine. 

In book 1 of my series it is discussed being spiritually minded and dropping feelings of anxiety.

It is just a simple mental attitude toward lasting value, changing circumstances, and avoidable eventualities, as well as accepting the inevitable. 

It’s how the real miracle is manifested!

This episode of A Better Life Podcast has an intention to help live by your true colors. Or we may say, your true calling, and this certainly will rid feelings of anxiety.



A mighty surge of being truly spiritually minded is catching on and will sweep over the entire planet and is correcting our feelings of anxiety. 

Your true colors, or true calling, have no meaning in the ego-based world where the feeling detached scenario is common, and are not separate from God. 

Why do you think He gave us His Holy Spirit? 

We have the Holy Spirit—our inner Guide, to keep what has no meaning out, and only what is real a part of your masterpiece, and this rids feelings of anxiety. 

When you feel off-track or feeling detached, just ask that the Holy Spirit readjust your way of seeing the world. 

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This only needs to take a few minutes to increase positive outlook.

You can never ask too often or for too much.  But you can ask for too little. 

With that said, would you sacrifice your true identity with everything, to paint your portrait with “paint by numbers?”

I mean, in order to get a sure little treasure and continue with feelings of anxiety? 

The Course in Miracles helps us see that you won’t be able to do this without a sense of loss, feeling detached, isolation, and loneliness. 

This would always be your only treasure, because you are afraid of what you really want. 

Think about it. 

In book 2 of the series we ask ourselves…Is fear and incompleteness and feelings of anxiety or feeling detached the treasure you really desire? 

Can forever wondering “What could have been?” be what you want?  Or are you lost and don’t know what you want?

I find that yoga puts me back on track to maximizing my potential when I’m feeling detached.

Hey, yoga is also ideal for for things like yoga weight loss

My point is, yoga is related to mindfulness and is why I always suggest breathing meditation.

Meditation and visualization is a great habits of successful people!

There is no more ready means by which to outline your inner self and let go of feelings of anxiety than through honesty. 

Honesty with yourself and your brother is the beginning step. 

This giving of your honesty must, then, be real, if it is being given away; therefore you cannot help but have honesty from inside yourself and feelings of anxiety fading away. 

This will assure there is no hypocrite abiding in you.

Hypocrisy is a million-headed cobra, with a million-dollar budget supporting its million-dollar structures.

And many try and stumble over how to gain abundance in their lives.

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Today there are so-called saints in the world who tell people to be honest; yet they themselves are deeply involved in dishonesty. 

Infinite honesty is one of the aspects of your true essence and being spiritually minded.  All you have to do is like many successful others do, which is to use it.  

Then the likability laws take over.

What are you afraid of? 

Honesty is the leading light on the inner pathway, and one of the most effective means for healing.

And being spiritually minded which in turn feelings of anxiety begin fading into the nothingness it’s always been.

Let us take a look at the error we all face so it can be corrected and not protected. 

When we believe in sin, we believe that attack in any form takes place outside the mind where the belief arose. 

This proves that we view ideas as leaving their source. 

We are thus thinking of the world and ourselves in a physical and material way.  Nothing takes place outside the mind; this is why sin is unreal. 

Remember, only illusion like feelings of anxiety takes place outside the mind—and illusion is not real, but miracles are, and are in your power.

Try to look at it this way: If you give away a material possession, such as a bicycle, the bike is no longer in your possession, no longer a part of you. 

But if you give away an idea, others can use it and it is still with you.  It will always be “your” idea.


Are You Choosing Happiness and Setting Self-Improvement Goals in Today’s World?

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Precisely and exactly what about those who intensify us or make us mad filling us with anxiety?

We have the power of decision, however a great deal of times we enable our ego– that always fearful and questioning element in us to respond from anger.

The Course in Miracles states by asking, ” Do you recognize that the ego must set you on a journey which cannot however cause a sense of futility and anxiety?”

We need to keep our sensations in check and not react immediately to precisely what is tossed at us.

We need to manage our methods for responding rather of just reacting to precisely what somebody states or does.

Exactly what we need to do is act on our own power of choice and not let the actions of others impact us.

By doing that we stay mindful of our own ideas and sensations and not let exactly what others do to us impact our mindset.

We can constantly choose happiness and after that we will discover we’re constantly selecting joy.

In the beginning it may be challenging.

Yes, to just change your ideas and feelings from the insecurity, anger, anxiety, or worry of the ego that remains in all of us as human beings.

Quicker than you think you will realize the gifts of the Holy Spirit being more in control as you continue with self-improvement objectives.

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To being spiritually minded,

James Nussbaumer

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