Power of Visualization: A Better Life Podcast: Why Living Minus Real Visualization is Like Throwing Your Life Out the Window

By the true power of visualization you won’t need to long for more love.

This is the true power of visualization with meditation exercises you want to begin practicing. 

In success and happiness they say visualization is king. The more power you give to visualization, the better life you lead.

It’s why highly effective people go crazy creating the life they want.

Let’s explore this spiritual metaphysical principle from A Course in Miracles which states:

  • “Now in the hands made gentle by His touch, the Holy Spirit lays a picture of a different you.”

Below I’ve embedded a session of A Better Life Podcast.

Thereby, let’s see why the power of manifestation through visualization is so important while we live in this world.



So what if I told you that you would get more out of life if you learned how to master power of visualization reflection principles?

So, do you want to know the secret? Because it’s not as simple as just saying a few simple prayers.

By the true power of visualization you won’t need to long for more love. And this is why I urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation

Yes, manifesting the life you truly want.

Often we find it difficult to understand the fact that our everyday experiences of what we only think to be reality are only projections within the mind.

Yes, projected images.

But on the other hand many of us often do agree that through the power of visualization we create our own experiences.

And this is how the most successful in the world act like a success and think like a success!

Visualization is of the habits of so many highly effective people who ever walked this planet.

The world we see and experience daily is no more “out there” than dreams will be.

Our own errors in thought in the final analysis, is what we project in our mind as a world separate from our Creator.

The error lies in the fact that you are still seeing yourself in a material or physical sense.

And so your power of visualization makes you see effects as separate or outside and away from their Source, your Creator. 

You still have this “magic wand” belief that God makes things happen outside of Himself and Heaven. 

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We see God’s creations as outside of Heaven’s gate. 

This is a huge ego trap to fall into.

But as you know, anything that is kept separate can never join.  This kind of false power of visualization is why you long for more love.

Just as ideas you share or give away never really separate from you.  It will always be your idea. 

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With this understanding can you now see more clearly that you are the Idea of God  where searching for more never becomes a thought?

This is the true power of visualization with meditation exercises you want to begin practicing.

Here is what God Wills that you learn has always been true: He created you as part of Him, and not separate. 

God is Thought, and so must you be thought. 

This must be forever true because ideas do not leave their source. 

We are the Idea of God; not separate from our Source.

With that power of visualization understood, let’s take a look at Creation’s Law: Each idea the mind conceives only adds to its abundance, and never takes away. 

However, this is as true of what you idly “wish” for as what you truly will.  This is why there is something to the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” 

You can deceive yourself.

The ego-based mind which is a thought system of separation always looking for more love, can wish for something and truly be deceiving itself. 

In this case, you not only sense this, but you cannot be opposite your true colors.

In other words, you cannot have true power of visualization unless you are operating by your true colors, or let’s say, your true calling.

Therefore, when you think you believe that ideas do separate from their source, you are inviting illusion to be true, without success. 

The illusions you make yourself see as true continue to make more illusions, driven by illusory goals that you think, or want to think, are true. 

This is when we decide to make our own truths. 

Never will the power of visualization for success be possible at trying to deceive yourself, because you would be deceiving God.

Your free will must be performed without worrying about consequences, regardless of success or failure. 

The work you do in this spirit, and with this understanding, yields inevitable results. 

Through the joy in the activities of your spiritual way, humanity will move gradually into a new life of abiding peace.

Yes, and dynamic harmony with more love, unconquerable faith, unfading bliss, immortal sweetness, and incorruptible purity. 

Wouldn’t you agree that this is creating love, and infinite understanding?

The Real Power of Your Thoughts

An awakening to the REAL power of your real divine Thoughts is what we’re wanting to accomplish.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The power of the subconscious mind and thoughts used right-mindedly makes it now possible to accomplish in mere minutes what used to take hours, days, and weeks of training to accomplish.

Previously I discussed deeply about our higher-self and self-awareness realized for a better life.

It’s about creating the life you want within the power of the mind and thoughts.

And then using empowering beliefs to reflect your creations into the material world.

And … more importantly … to reprogram your subconscious mind to MANIFEST MASSIVE CREATIVITY … effortlessly.

Yes, of course, as your empowering beliefs from the power of your thoughts weed out fear, self-doubt, guilt, and judgement.

It gives us the way out where many of us at one time or another have been stuck on the question; how can I be successful in life?

Making it faster, simpler, easier than ever … to reprogram your subconscious mind, or, better yet, we may say, to ‘undo’ the ego’s self-limiting beliefs … like envy.

You won’t even BE needing the notion of envy!

The Course in Miracles further teaches us that: “God’s Will and your true free will are the same, they do not conflict, because there is no conflict within the mind of God, or, the Universe.”

And it’s all thanks to a powerful thought process, a “brain hack,” if you will, that’s redefining what it means to manifest abundance.

I like to call it the power of manifesting the life you want. 

We mentioned a breakthrough in spiritual science, we may say, but more of an eye-opening, an awakening to universal intellect, and it is changing EVERYTHING.

Is it some sort of magic?

No way, but it is, simply the every day miracle effortlessly at work!

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To your power of visualization,

James Nussbaumer

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