Mind over Money and the Secret of Attracting Abundance to You

Having mind over money and how to attract money certainly does involve act like a success and think like a success. If you are familiar with the power of the universe and its law of attraction, you are aware of the power of visualization for mind over money.  

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Whatever it is, it will direct your efforts automatically.”

The truly successful business people are aware that you calmly create wealth through the peace of mind in your inner life, and then reflect it into your outer world where it is manifested.

This stress-free zone within you is where your creativity sits, and is of the many reasons why I urge my readers to learn more about practicing mindfulness techniques, and a review on that here…

Many recent surveys and research studies found that the hugest amount of anxiety and stress in many people’s lives is financially related.

According to an Associated Press poll back in 2008, nearly 16 million Americans were being treated for severe levels of anxiety and stress due to money factors.

In the 1990’s psychologists Dr. Ivan Tyrrell and Dr. Joe Griffin discussed structure for basic human needs.

Their approach was an extension of research with previous study and analysis by the late Abraham Maslow, who stated, “Our needs must be met at one level before we can step up to address our needs at the next level.”

Mind and money attraction works the same way, where we go through different levels of attracting abundance based on our needs to accomplish our goals for living the life we truly want to live.

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To Begin Attracting Abundance

The power of attraction is strengthened through a reflective state of mind, as I discuss in book 2 of my ever-developing series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom: Lessons from A Course in Miracles.

It is a state of mind and of the habits of highly effective people everywhere.

Some of the world’s population has huge financial success because of mind over money. They seem to know the secret of mind and money for wealth attraction.

Exactly what is the secret of mind over money and for how to attract money that helps many learn to begin attracting abundance into their lives?

Is there something magical to attracting abundance?

Do some people have a magnetic pull over how to attract money?

It’s of the Habits of Highly Effective People

The individuals who are successful with mind over money and seem to draw in money believe that – they have a human right to be wealthy.

On the other hand we see a much larger population who thinks that financial success is only for certain privileged individuals. These individuals have somehow come to a conclusion that money attraction is not in their fate.

The ones feeling lack and having a scarcity mindset do not think that they have the intelligence that is superior for mind over money, and so they fear to venture around newer corners.

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Somehow this doubting and fearful thought process believes in all the factors that drive any opportunity for how to attract money further away.

Wealth Attraction through Mind over Money is in Self-Confidence

How to attract money is by self-belief and a reflective state of mind with the power of visualization. Try to see that there is no magic trick that makes some individuals attract wealth.

The Course in Miracles states, “Seek and ye shall find does not mean that you should seek blindly and desperately for something you would not recognize.”

Begin exploring this mind over money idea by letting go of a wrong-minded ego-based thought block of doubt and fear.

I mean begin sketching a mind over money portrait within yourself.

Yes, one which is sending a message through the universe that you are on a path for being willing and ready for attracting abundance to your life in this world.

It is how the miracle is created.

The law of attraction will answer by continuing to step you up to the next levels of receiving your mind and money requests. And by the way, I also highly suggest this system for understanding how to align with the power of attraction…

Start right now, in this instant, being both willing and ready to take action, with your mind over money pursuit.

Yes, the miracle of attracting to your life what you do want instead of what you do NOT want.

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To mind and money,

James Nussbaumer

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