How to Attract Wealth – begin Manifesting Abundance by the Power of your Thoughts

There is spiritual metaphysics involved for how to attract wealth and manifesting abundance. When you can comprehend that core of the secret of wealth attraction at its powerful and finer subatomic level you will understand that you are never poor.

This finer and deeper level is the power of your thoughts and perceptions.

Yes, the power of your subconscious mind is waiting to be used, and always capable of the secret of wealth attraction. It’s how successful people grow.

All metaphysical principles and laws are of thought and you ignite them into projections.

For instance, the law of cause and effect can operate at any level. So, yes, spiritual awareness may align you with the laws of prosperity.

It does not always take finances to align with the laws of prosperity.

But more importantly it’s how you arrange your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions.

And the same goes for relationships where trying to heal the struggles, and is why I’d written this related article ages ago about, when there is constant arguing in a relationship. 

The spiritual metaphysical principles of the Course in Miracles, teaches us, “It is not until beliefs are fixed that perceptions stabilize.”

The Laws of Prosperity and You

Like whatever else in life there is a foundation for how to attract wealth and deeper levels to seek within oneself.

This is why I always urge that we learn how to do mindfulness meditation, helping you calmy reach that inner place where all of your creative power sits, and more on that here.

There are lots of people who when very first understanding how to attract wealth through the laws of prosperity, think that all that is ever needed is to want it and that manifesting abundance will occur.

Then there are others who expect more financial success, think they understand how to attract wealth through the power of the universe, and continue to work hard unhappily while spending up all their energy.

They do not have focus and align with the laws of prosperity which means lack of power.

Your knowledge of how to attract wealth is the base, yet there are numerous levels which enhance your application of the universe’s power of attraction.

As soon as you take the time to comprehend and study those levels you can apply them to anything.

How are you using the power of your thoughts?

With right-minded power of your thoughts you can really start from nothing.

(By the way, here’s a brief related post to revert to on how to begin overcoming fear of success with positive self-talk exercises.) 

The initial step for how to attract wealth is to start seeing wealth opportunities all around you, rather than mostly attacking or crucifying yourself over what you only think you are lacking and do not have.

The Course in Miracles asks, “Would you join in the resurrection or the crucifixion?

The more conscious you are about manifesting abundance and why and how money exchanges hands, and how it streams, the more knowledgeable and confident you will become in the secret of wealth attraction.

It does not take a particular education; it does not take large quantities of your own assets to align with the laws of prosperity to begin truly blessing you with manifesting abundance, wealth and well-being.

Challenge yourself to learn these doctrines and the power of thought, and then start to use your knowledge of real wealth to those universal laws.

The power of the universe is multidimensional and is how it governs everything.

Your own personal thoughts and perceptions determine how cause and effect work for you in each instant of each day.

The Course in Miracles further states, “Without a cause there can be no effects…”

This indicates we can’t expect cause and effect to be our friend when we are filled with wrong-minded thoughts and perceptions, only building a scarcity mindset as a way for living in this world.

Remember, yes, you may begin to learn how to attract wealth and abundance as you learn the secret of wealth attraction, and how the power of your thoughts connect with your own present reality.

It doesn’t take a lot of years of formal education; it does not take your own money to get the power of attraction to begin showering blessings of abundance and wealth into your daily life.

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To you and the power of attraction,

James Nussbaumer

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