Heal Constant Arguing in a Relationship Now for a Life of Real Love – A Better Life Podcast included

Constant arguing in a relationship and disagreements happen between individuals all the time, and even between nations.

Today let’s you and I look more closely at perhaps a spiritual metaphysical answer to healing relationships for a better life.

I will be sharing some thoughts and ideas I have from my studies and writings from A Course in Miracles.

As you absorb this article for all it has to offer you, keep in mind this principle from the text of ACIM:

  • “The ego seeks to ‘resolve’ its problems, not at their source, but where they were not made.”

Let’s consider, there is a change in purpose the Holy Spirit is bringing to the relationship, due to a certain cause

That’s all it is; and this brings on new effects that will be seen.

As we move on and you think about your relationship issues, let’s keep in the back of our minds our inner most real and true nature called love.

It’s why I encourage mindfulness meditation!

In my first book we discussed…They can be looked at now by your true essence or true colors, or you can decide to wait till they unfold and see them in time and with fear. 

Likewise, you can hope and pray that “one day” problems of the world, like the homeless and the hungry will be sheltered and fed.

Or you can take a mindset to help move along the acceptance movement, “now.” 

You can fret over constant arguing in a relationship, or things like waiting till your neighbor pays you back.

Or you can be content with your act of giving, regardless of reciprocation. 

These are the effects that came out of a cause that are available here and now, not someday.

(By the way, here’s a related article about how to get what you want by understanding the law of attraction as within you, not outside of you.) 

We’ve been raised to believe that everything that comes from God brings good.  This is so. 

But often, doesn’t it seem to not be so? 

Isn’t good in the form of disaster now difficult to see? 

For example, when Mother Nature takes a wrecking ball to her realm in the form of a level-eight earthquake in a populated area? 

Or the pain of a seven-year-old child whose parents were suddenly killed? 

Where is the good in all of this?

Below I’ve updated this article on August 19, 2018 to include a session of, A Better Life Podcast. 

Here’s where I go a bit deeper in a spiritual metaphysical sense on conflict in relationships.



So, why should we try to see the good in evil’s form? 

Or, how will good ever come from the constant arguing in a relationship? Its cause is apparent—so why are we not seeing its good effects?

Why in the future? 

We are taught to be content with “reasoning” to ourselves that we don’t understand it now, but will someday. 

Then, we are told, the meaning will be clear.

This is not reason; this is unjust, and clearly hints at punishment until the time of liberation is at hand. 

But given a change of purpose for the good, there is no reason to see an interval of space or time when disaster strikes, to be seen as “good” someday. 

When we see things in the form of pain, this becomes a sacrifice of “now,” which could not be a cost the Holy Spirit would take. 

He gives without cost at all. 

Then why is there constant arguing in a relationship?

As well, what is a disaster all about? 

Why is there tragedy?

I have encountered great difficulty feeling this kind of question, which led me to much spiritual pondering.  I went through lengthy times wondering, but never doubting my own faith. 

That, for me, is too deeply rooted. 

A Course in Miracles merely gave these deep roots of mine freedom.  I opened myself to the freedom to feel good about “my way” or “my faith.” 

However, I wondered why I couldn’t complete the connection through my own rational thinking. 

Why couldn’t I reason my way all the way through and figure this out?

That’s when I realized my real error with my own problems when there was constant arguing in a relationship, and what has always been my big hang-up.

It was my ego-based pride in the idea that I could accomplish anything on my own if I set my mind to it. 

I could not imagine there could be something I could not figure out. 

Then one day while studying and writing from the principles of A Course in Miracles, the answer hit me like a lightning bolt in the heart. 

Could this be it, could this be what Cause and Effect really is about?  I’m certainly feeling an effect!

Then I stumbled into some writings by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal.

He was arguing that God has given us just enough light so that we can understand, and just enough darkness or obscurity to deny the truth, if we wish. 

That was it! 

Of course, God cannot reveal Himself or His reason for Cause, in a rational or irrefutable manner. 

He would be violating the most fundamental universal law there is.

Remember, we are that universal law of attraction that is the Idea of God, and He has given us just enough light to see by, but not enough to eliminate the need to see with eyes of faith. 

And this is how miracles manifest!

The ego–that doubting and fearful aspect in us, tells us that we should be “God fearing”, and in our own understanding of the way the world will turn out to be “one day.” 

But really, when reciprocation is finally received, it’s not in the future or in future happiness.  

No, it is being received now. Here and now!

So let’s not be content with future happiness; rather, let us always be living in the here and now.  This is where the effects for spiritual freedom truly are. 

Spiritual freedom or Heaven has no meaning in the future, and there are no rewards.  Why else was the symbolic “Tree of Knowledge” forbidden? 

This answer is simple, in that there is no future to have knowledge about. That was the lesson.

Here’s more on how to begin fixing a broken relationship I’d written with love advice for inner healing intended:

The future is illusion!

If you are always a prisoner of the future, where then is your freedom?  It is always at some future event, just as the promise of salvation. 

Why should we wait until our body dies to have eternal freedom? 

Delay is senseless, and so is the reasoning that would tell us that present cause must reveal its effects.

Therefore, let’s not look to time when constant arguing in a relationship is going on , but rather the tiny space between you and me, so that we might be delivered from it.

All of this constant arguing in a relationship is why I urge you to look at your relationships, the future ahead, from a metaphysical state of mind.

During my research on this I found that the world’s most successful, including Blaise Pascal as mentioned above, had and still have, this very way for thinking. 

But don’t let it be disguised as time, because this deliverance can only happen here, and now.

Why Wholeness of Mind Heals Relationships 

Formerly I talked about discovering the best mending marital relationship recommendations.

This led the session to responding to specific factors to consider for psychological recovery.

Wholeness is the worth of God that provides us the power to achieve that when we do this.

When we can have a greater basis of reflective idea wholeness leads the way throughout our time in this world.

The Course in Miracles additionally states:

  • “In Heaven is whatever God values, and absolutely nothing else. Paradise is completely unambiguous. Whatever is clear and brilliant, and calls forth one action.”

Undoubtedly while in this world we will have lots of ideas based upon forecasts and presumptions that are the components of separation.

A few of the important things you may want to think about confessing are:

Working out genuine humbleness is an essential part for ways to conserve a relationship. Or repairing a damaged marital relationship.

Your partner will feel more connected and in love with you when you are satisfying his/her essential psychological requirements.

Making recognition of your human ego-based ideas of forecasts instead of rejecting the ego, will shine light that triggers forecast to vanish.

Routine prayer or discovering ways to do mindfulness meditation definitely is rather efficient for recovery marital relationship problem.

That’s why I like to suggest this 7 Minute Mindfulness meditation system for going within and learning to forgive.

You likewise need to wind up being deliberate about satisfying those requirements.

I indicate the methods you have actually not been lined up to your true Reality. I mean the repercussions of your options to you, your partner and your marital relationship.

The Course in Miracles teaches us that, this “inner-connection is the Christ Mind, and is exactly what Jesus was here to reveal us.

Not that he had it and we do not, however rather that deep within we are all the Christ that is the Oneness of Creation.

Try to rely on and honor your own inner depths of oneness of mind.

Recognition of the ego obstructing can go a long way in keeping our hearts caring and versatile to our partner. As well as dedication to wholeness.

That’s why a technique for ways to heal a relationship should handle constant arguing in a relationship and other disputes.

Your repairing a damaged marital relationship strategy needs particular goals and objectives that are documented. Composed objectives work.

They position a plan into movement.

A marital relationship that shows this picture of wholeness– this ‘interconnectedness’ I am speaking of, is a safe and caring marital relationship.

Because of that your marital relationship need to be a sanctuary for both you and your partner.

Your marital love can be devoid of constant arguing in a relationship, condemnation, contempt, and defensiveness.

It is not, nevertheless, a marital relationship that is absolutely devoid of dispute.

It implies no one being divided apart.

The next action for ways to conserve a relationship is realizing your partner’s human needs .

Meditate and pray, going within, and see that God reveals His love and commitment to your partner through you.

Learning to go within and create the life you want is how we experience the specific relationship– our oneness of mind with our Creator.

If you’re having trouble with the idea of actually tapping into your inner power, I suggest this which is how successful people grow.


Exactly what is a healthy relationship?

I’ve gained from wonders that developing a relationship, a strong caring relationship, is a path for getting in touch with the inner spirit.

I mean, the depths of another person, and more significantly linking much deeper with our own inner spirit.

The determines of the world, based upon the ego’s analyses, have actually developed a breeding place for hypocrisy.

Therefore a lot of individuals with constant arguing in a relationship and frequently wed for ego-based factors of financial security, flattery, and other illusory benefits.

This type of an arrangement usually results in more heartbreak.

The ego itself can not enjoy; for that reason, it worries itself out by looking for a replacement.

It’s constantly looking for something it’s seriously scared of, and this makes its seeking an effort of consistent worry.

The ego’s search continues just while your body exists, as it becomes part of your mind that is managed by your body.

Due to the fact that of its source, which is worry, the ego is not completely divided off from your mind in one big portion.

Rather it has fragmented itself into a number of splintered beliefs in separation.

A longtime friend of mine and I once discussed solid healthy relationships versus say, a broken marriage.

The two of us looked carefully at the manner in which the world determines  what is really rock or sand.

Frightened of Love

Exactly what is a strong structure of love and faith truly built on?

The ego–that insecure and fearful, always doubting aspect in all of us, never ever comes right out and confesses to you, or to anybody else, that it is horrified of love.

The ego-base mind is aware that it can never understand love.

It’s because, due to the fact that love is whole, genuine and real, and the ego is about separation and fantasy. 

Where love is whole there can be no room for constant arguing in a relationship. 

(Here’s a related brief thought provoking article on building trust in a relationship by trust in love.) 

To living in the here and now,

James Nussbaumer

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