Positive Change in your Life Today and to be Enlightened: A Better Life Podcast Included

To be enlightened and positive change in your life is often misunderstood. Do you truly know how to be enlightened?

Is becoming more enlightened and positive change in your life a way you want to live, perhaps a secret ambition?

A Course in Miracles helps us answerWhen you follow your inner light of joy, can this mean to be enlightened?

Try to understand the positive energy in true cause and effect as being one and not separate. Here, you can then begin positive change in your life.

But we seem to want to put a space or time between cause and effect?

It’s why it is highly suggested to regularly practice mindfulness meditation techniques, and it need not take up much time at all.

In my first book The Master of Everything, we discussed the ego in detail…Consider time and space being the ego’s most-used weapon for defense? 

To be enlightened is the positive energy that instantly wipes out this space you still see between you.

And allows you to become at one and is where positive change in your life begins to happen.

What is it to be enlightened and that positive energy I’m talking about here?

This is why I’ve included here below a previous For A Better Life Podcast. So to help open our eyes a bit more on easy and fun it is to truly be enlightened.



It’s how many of the most influential and successful individuals on the planet operate and think!

It is the positive energy, that bright lighted up feeling of not having to protect your fear of oneness. In this is where positive change in your life begins. 

Thus, you don’t project this fear out through time—as in, “How long will it take to receive my end of the bargain?” 

In reality, as A Course in Miracles goes on to teach us, “Future loss is not your fear, but present joining is your dread.” 

The plans we lay out for safety are always for the future, where there is no cause

If there is no cause, how can there ever be effects to plan for? 

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There is no purpose given yet and this makes it difficult for the positive energy which promotes positive change in your life.

In book 2 of my ever-developing series, I mention that humankind has been making the same mistakes over and over again, since the symbolic Garden of Eden. 

We still continue to plan with “just in case this were to happen” in mind. 

Don’t get me wrong here, as planning is important with the right state of mind for positive change in your life. 

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But we get too concerned about events that may occur from our predictions of a cause that never was.

We get too busy planning for effects that will result from past effects and past perceptions. These, usually wrong-minded which means ego-based and no positive energy.

Consider this: We build more new and improved bombs to defend ourselves against the world. We do so, because we perceive that “they” might be building newer bombs that will outperform our bombs. 

What if the United States of America, the most powerful country on the planet, one day with positive energy said to the entire world, “We quit, and we will no longer produce a single bomb or weapon of any kind. 

In fact, we have destroyed our stockpiles.”

What would Cause us to do such a thing? 

Remember, Cause is of God, and He would not cause us to build bombs. 

But He would Cause us to find peace, by stopping the bombs. 

Cause, in this sense, is the rainstorm; its effect is a peaceful green meadow, and this is where you create positive change in your life.

With that said, a cause that never was becomes the illusion we made bringing on effects, to only bring on more effects. 

This is why history repeats itself time and again. 

We make belief in sin arising from an illusory cause

This is symbolized by the apple that Eve bit into, giving her illusory, wrong-minded thinking.

How many starving and homeless people are there in this world, and how many could be fed and sheltered and rehabilitated with the money being used to build bombs? 

If we ceased building bombs and world hunger came to an end, this would be an effect divinely intended.

It would be a reflection of the wholeness of Heaven, where divided states of mind do not exist.  

This is the secret to the law of attraction and everyday miracles manifested.

I ask you, where is the illusion?                                                         

Yet, only here and now can any cause exist that is intended for positive change in your life.

Do you see correction needed here? 

The process of correction takes no time at all.  Rather, it is the acceptance that this process is indeed necessary that can take forever.

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To positive change in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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