Building Trust in a Relationship Now by Trust in Love and Holiness – A Better Life Podcast included

Building trust in a relationship can be natural and an easy thing to do if you trust in love.

Did you ever stop to think how you may trust in love?

Yes, it’s about how alert you are to your own heart when the Voice for God within you calls on a brother. Or, when you see his holiness in the voice that answers your call? 

It’s why it is highly suggested to regularly practice mindfulness meditation techniques. 

In book 1 of the series, I talk more about…Notice I say the voice “FOR” God…and not of God.

How many times have you seen the “different side” to an individual whom others have condemned? 

What would happen if you opened the door to allow trust in love to pour into you and outward toward this person? 

Confidence would build a foundation on rock and good things would begin happening!

That “different side” that others could not see in him, but that you can see, is the Christ within you both. 

Or we can simply call this whole picture “the face of Christ.” 

Even your reactions to this loving “other.” As well, the “different” side is the Sonship—as  A Course in Miracles calls the whole child of God, driven by the Thought of Christ.

The understanding of God, which the average person accepts through belief or reasoning, is so far removed from true understanding.

A recent, A Better Life Podcast has been embedded below, discussing more deeply how to find that trust in relationships.



It’s that it cannot be called inner knowledge, because it is perceived as “out there.” 

True knowledge does not consist of the constructions or perception of beliefs passed on to us by society. 

It can only be obtained by ripened experience—not necessarily age—that increases gradually, along with increased clarity. Accessing your true knowledge is where miracles manifest, not magic.

This is how you trust in love and begin building trust in a relationship.

In book 2 of the series we go deep into…True knowledge grows, or “ripens,” inside of you.

It is becoming more real as you participate in only, and nothing other than, pure truth. Then, trust in love until there is no more to absorb, but it only flows.

Yes, I mean overcoming life challenges.

But before I continue, let me say I did another article about getting over those damn challenges in life. Here it is, and I hope it helps.

The devotional rituals followed in religions do not necessarily lead you to true inner travel. The kind that constitutes a true journey and trust in love.

It’s because for the most part they are mechanical observations. They are barren of the redeeming experience of actually feeling divine love. 

Therefore, the struggle most always seems to be: What really is divinity?

Now I am not trying to tell you to leave your religion. It surely can be a good foundation for understanding faith—just as mine was for me. 

The “ups and downs” and “ins and outs” that you experience within the congregation of your place of worship are valuable lessons.

And certainly can be a great step toward trust in love and building trust in a relationship.

In my early days of A Course in Miracles, I struggled through the obscuring fog of mental and emotional tension.

But my consciousness became one-pointed, forming a spearhead.

One that eventually pierced through the veil, to an inner path that seemed to be divine knowledge. 

Even the earliest glimpses or perceptions I was getting were great advances to the understanding and knowledge where my faith lies. 

A bridge was certainly built and traveled on, and my trust in love ripened, too.

(This is why I suggest this related article on why to never give up hope even if you feel life is not worth living.)

However, as I advanced on the path I was undergoing a significant change of direction. One that could be compared to a somersault. 

I began to become more concerned with inner realities of all of life, rather than their outward expression. 

Later I’d discover this is how the world’s most successful learn to think and operate. 

The emphasis shifted from my own external to internal aspects of my life. In doing so, the deepening of my conscious being and awareness was accelerated. 

Nonetheless, my building trust in a relationship became natural when my trust in love embedded in me.

In building trust in a relationship and maximizing my potential, I began seeing and sensing more than the physical.

I started to see that “different” side to people that many were not aware they had. 

I could see this in a gesture, such as a casual thank you.

Yes, and I could sense it in eye contact. Or, even in the look of confusion when someone was searching for the right word. 

Some even became embarrassed when realizing their own holiness had been witnessed in a brief confrontation. 

I noticed this often while there in prison. 

A Course in Miracles explains this as “the blood of hatred fading to let the grass grow green again.”

I became caught up with a deep awareness of myself and a deeper perception of the workings in the world. 

A refocusing of my consciousness occurred, which is now far-reaching. 

All of the avenues through which I conduct my search are radically transformed by my trust in love. And my sincerity and the concentrated purpose of my efforts.

Next, let’s look a bit closer at why communication from the heart is so important in building trust in a relationship.

Communication in a Relationship

What if you feel you are falling out of love?

If talking things through does not appear to go really far, then it may be time to talk to a, ‘Couples Therapy’ professional.

If you truly from your heart want to save the relationship and/or enhance the love, you will need a willingness.

Or to rekindle the old flame, I suggest this which has helped many couples save a marriage. 

If talking things through does not appear to help, it may be time to look for guidance. Yes, and talk about the relationship concerns with a specialist.

If your understanding modifications and you are seeing things from both sides that’s great. Perhaps, being unbiased, maybe you are not truly falling out of love.

It’s all understanding and if you’re seeing modifications for the much better and you are seeing things from both sides.

Seeing things rather of just your very own side to things. 

Begin to talk about things and feel you both are prepared to begin discovering relationship suggestions.

That’s a great indication that the relationship might be conserved.

If you are feeling deeply that you’re not in love any longer, you most likely do require to seek advice. Find an expert in marital relationship or relationship therapy.

It’s all comprehending exactly what’s going on within you. However you likewise have to take a look at both sides of the relationship concerns.

Keep things in between you personal, the less input you obtain from prejudiced sources the better.

I mean specifically about the sensations of, ‘falling out of love.’

It will be a lot easier to fix the elements of your relationship that must be fixed, and begin building trust in a relationship.

The relationship therapist or marital counselor can deeply comprehend the best concerns to ask. Then exactly what buttons to push to get you believing and can keep the discussion heading in the perfect willingness to heal.

I also suggest you get the free e-book on the idea that healing is all in your head, and quite easily in your power.

A relationship therapist will supply you with exercises or research. On your own, to teach yourselves the art of interaction outside his/her office setting.


It’s finest to ask your partner how they feel about the course or journey your relationship is heading.

If you’re believing to yourself, “I am willing to begin building trust in a relationship ” then you have a readiness, too

When things start to go south in a relationship, it appears there’s a sandy foundation.

The last individual you may go to for help is likewise the one you must be talking with the most, your partner.

Discover precisely what they believe they want and/or require from you to make your relationship effective.

Then voice your very own issues, requirements and desires.

When it breaks down and you feel you may be falling out of love, can in many cases seem difficult to get it back.

As you consider this article again, perhaps, remember that the Course in Miracles states:

  • “The holy relationship, a major step toward perception of the real world, is learned.”

But it’s easy to reach each others holiness, and interaction is very important in any relationship.

The only thing laying blame will accomplish, is making your partner feel they need to secure themselves.

This blame game will most likely start a fight and beat the whole function of trying to improve your relationship.

Here’s a related thought provoking article for being spiritual minded for your mission in life: 

To your trust in love,                                                                                                                  

James Nussbaumer

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