Being Spiritual Minded for my Mission in Life ‘for’ the Life you Desire: A Better Life Podcast included

Being truly spiritual minded brings out my mission in life. I mean that I no longer have to worry about my choice of words, like I once did. Things like when confronted with a subject I don’t know the answer to. 

I simply respond, “At this point I cannot answer that.” 

Anything I do comes from my heart which is spiritual minded with no exaggeration. That is, unless, of course, it is a playful time with a little fun. 

I can honestly say that the depths of my internal understanding spread throughout my true essence.

Yes, giving me new meaning and purpose in everything I do. 

I pursue my mission in life and my exploration with utmost exhilaration, and with no exhaustion. 

I now find my seriousness to be fun.

In book 1 of the series I said more about… A Course in Miracles helps us see that…It is Their purpose, meaning God, the Holy Spirit, and the Sonship, that sustains me. 

This is what is pictured as the Face of Christ. 

(Please take some time and enjoy a recent For A Better Life Podcast going a bit deeper to help you realize how easy it is to be truly spiritual minded.)



I am getting the right amounts of sleep, food, and exercise.  It seems effortless, but very much a wanting

I see a “different side” to the incarceration I endured, and when I was released from prison I experienced newer heights from this stepping stone. 

Because of Them, which I am at one with, as are you, miracles have sprung up. I’m saying like as does grass and flowers, on the once-scorched and -barren ground.

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What my confusion has wrought, They have undone. 

The sinner and the saint that I once saw in me now appear to be spiritual minded waves on the surface of the same ocean. They are differing only in magnitude. 

Each are the natural outcome of forces in the universe rooted in time and causation. Or, simply put, “cause and effect.”

Although I have described the realization of being spiritual minded and divine knowledge as “traveling the path” to spiritual freedom, or my mission in life, this analogy should not be taken literally. 

There is no ready-made road in the spiritual realm. 

Spiritual minded progress is not a matter of following an instruction manual to move along a line already laid down and unalterably defined. 

Rather, my mission in life is a creative process of spiritual involvement of the conscious mind. 

In book 2 of the series I really went deep on how…It is knowing why and when the ego wants to intrude.  Rather than a path, this process is better described as a “spiritual journey.” And it’s about living your purpose… A true calling, if you will.

The journey to being spiritual minded is comparable to a flight through the air, and not to a journey upon the earth. It’s because it is truly a pathless journey in literal terms. 

My mission in life or true calling, is a dynamic movement within my consciousness that creates its own path and leaves no trace behind.

What is a hundred or a thousand years to Them, or tens of thousands? 

Once They come to you and you accept Them, you can begin your purpose. 

What never was—the illusion or the dream of separation, a fantasy world and life that you don’t truly want—fades away and passes into nothingness when They come into your essence, and what is real is your own free will.

As the Course in Miracles states…When you see yourself as fully absorbed with truth, you will see yourself as of the Sonship and constantly be seeing the Face of Christ. 

The Sonship is in God Consciousness, where to know It is to exist as blissful power. 

It’s why it is highly suggested to regularly practice mindfulness meditation techniques.

To exist as a power is to know oneself as unbounded bliss; and to know oneself is to know Them. 

This is knowing divinity, and is my mission in life.

How about you?

You are not living your free will in any existence in which power is limited, or knowledge imperfected, or joy clouded. 

This would make you a product of false imagination, and cannot be the earnest seeker of spiritual freedom.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit and His Use of Time

The Holy Spirit utilizes time in His own framework, we may say.

It’s based upon your requirements at that time. It’s also on your level of willingness and readiness, and your capability to move over to right-minded understanding.

Keep in mind, the Holy Spirit will utilize ego gadgets, so to speak, and ego-based ideas when He discovers them beneficial for your advantage.

You may be dissuaded, believing that discovering how to neglect the ego requires time. It may be the outcomes you may expect from the Holy Spirit are too far into the future.

That’s the ego nudging you that perhaps you should quit.

This impatient-type thinking is exactly what the ego desires. Rather, aim to see this in a more right-minded manner.

Any wild-goose chase you pick up is your recognition with the ego. This uses time for damage stemming from conflict.

The ego will use time to encourage you that there is inadequate of it which anything you do experience will concern an end.

That ‘Instant’.

Have you ever had a brief moment when you felt as though you had no cares and no concerns? On top of that no stress and anxieties, and were peaceful and completely soothed?

Or, as I typically ask, given that your understanding of the ego-based doubting thought system have you ever had a sign to make a certain move.

I mean, like an instant, nevertheless how short it may have been, when you chose not to accept the fear and doubt going on within you?

The Holy Spirit’s objective is to assist you to be more constant in these present moment instants, without disruption from the ego.

In time, these moments or instants will extend.

When you have the ability to learn from your true essence, from the Holy Spirit, it ends up being a wonder.

And you will be a constant student not requiring time to live your passion and purpose.

I indicate simply present moment where you accepted time and the material world as not what rules you?

I indicate simply taking a look at the ego in you and not evaluating it. But instead, simply discover it for the ‘nothingness’ that it is.

When you take a look at the ego in yourself you are shining your natural inner light on the darkness that is of the ego. Then and illusion starts fading away and you’re open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Just ask the Holy Spirit to extend your inner light and enjoy the ego fading away like cloud cover dissipating.

Do so when you see the ego starting to take control once again.

These present moment instants are when you are benefiting by acknowledging a lesson from the Holy Spirit. He is your True Essence.


With  continuous line of worry, fear and doubt it’s being fragmented into more worries by the illusory ego.

In all people, yet, your genuine mind has the power to reject the ego’s false presence.

The Holy Spirit’s journey is among achievement of God’s Will, and the objective is for you to accomplish exactly what remains in your heart.

You cannot fail when you’re truly spiritual minded.

This is why you need to be calm, due to the fact that He is going to ensure you act out your own part in His Will. That would be your passion in this world. 

Your idea as a human of separation cannot create or play out the function of your true free will.

But your true essence may urge your human body to begin taking action steps on your goals and dreams.

It’s how successful people grow!

The ego is interfering versus your free will of passion and purpose and is attempting its hardest to be in charge.

The ego thinks it is the producer, director, and author of the movie, so to speak, of your life.

But it’s really the Holy Spirit–your true essence, writing the script and directing you to act it out. 

His direction will lead you to happiness within an instant when you accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is an assurance that under His direction, despite how think you must “bow your head,” you will not be disappointed.

But if you do not follow or accept this inner Guidance will most likely lead to being self-defeated.

Spiritual minded and love has no special wrappings, and it is not meant as a surprise.

By following the fantasy thought system of the ego-based mind you will constantly be looking for “special wrappings. ” This means never discovering all the natural gifts within.

Keep in mind, you are dreaming, and your free choice was scripted in timelessness when you were created, no matter your separated thought system while in this world.

Surely as a human, you might still feel a portion of worry in the background.

However this is absolutely nothing but the ego-based mind’s stress, anxiety, doubt, and fear over what to do next.

The ego in us all panics when we are truly spiritual minded.

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To being spiritual minded,

James Nussbaumer

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