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The feeling of love is what I need more often, is a thought by many. I need more love and feeling in my life, many think.

How can I get this power of mind, this inner freedom, after all, I think I’m spiritual, many will say.

The feeling of love and spiritual freedom is obtained through God realization.

This is sometimes mistakenly considered to be the selfish aim of a limited individual for personal gain. 

It’s how miracles are manifested in your everyday life!

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In book 1 of the series we considered that….But in reality there is no room for any such selfishness or limited realization. 

Rather, any gain—whether financial, to one’s reputation, the feeling of love, love and feeling, or otherwise—is the final aim of the limited and narrow life of the separated ego.

But the ego itself in all its illusion, can’t find the feeling of love.

God realization love and feeling and is the result of the attainment of all the undoing of error the Sonship has accepted by the Holy Spirit. 

Below is a previous session of, A Better Life Podcast, where we explore the inner power within you. We want to learn to extend that power of love to your material world for a better life.



When you ask the Holy Spirit—your inner Guide, to undo some confusion you are having, you do this on behalf of the entire ‘Sonship’—what A Course in Miracles teaches as the Child of God experienced in human form, but as a whole and not separate beings. 

Finding what’s already within you is why I suggest regular mindfulness meditation techniques.

There will be effects realized. 

Not realizing what is already within you may lead to relationship struggles, that can be easily healed simply by love’s extension.

If you feel that you need marital or relationship healing, take a look within you, and then look here:

This is so because truth is won through this undoing of errors we all make; and only then can God be realized and the feeling of love and the power of mind be surfaced. 

It’s a state of mind for how many successful individuals on the planet and who have ever lived learned to  operate and think! 

In this realization of truth you will gain expressions of a spontaneous and undivided life of love, peace, and harmony, because you have ruled out guilt. 

Material gain is not sought after; however it often seems to flow into the life of those for whom it is the means necessary to fulfill their purpose. 

This is why with love and feeling you can never be lacking. 

The life of spiritual freedom is a pure blessing to all of humanity as it spreads. 

Don’t be surprised if you have people say to you, “I want what you have.”

What, then, remains to be undone for you to realize Their presence, meaning God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as one and of your whole mind.

Yes, They, are Who you are? 

Many of us have different views of the feeling of love and when attack is justified, and when we think it is not to be allowed. 

But it’s not unusual that when we perceive something as unfair, we think a response of anger is just. 

When we are angry at another, however, we are seeing what is the same as being different. 

In book 2 we get into…The presence of any confusion over whether anger or attack is justified, in whatever form, will hide Their presence, because They are not clearly known or not known at all.

Confused perception will block knowledge. 

It is not a question of love and feeling and the degree of confusion, or how much it interferes. 

Remember, the ego can play around with your perception of love and feeling, but cannot touch knowledge or have the feeling of love.

Your confused perception shuts the door to Their knowledge and keeps what They know unknown to you.

What does it mean if you perceive attack in certain forms to be unfair to you? 

It means there must be some forms in which you think attack is fair.  Otherwise, how could some instances be evaluated as unfair? 

Some, then, are given meaning and perceived as sensible, and some are seen as meaningless.

It takes true healing for maximum potential in love and the feeling of love.

So now, through the ego’s tactics, this denies the fact that all are equally senseless, without cause or consequence, and cannot have effects of any kind. 

Their Presence becomes obscured by this tainting to your perception by the ego.

And, which stands between Their shining and your awareness that is your own. This divine Light is equally belonging to every living thing along with you. 

Remember, as the Course in Miracles teaches us: “God has no limits.”

 What is limited cannot be Heaven; if you accept limitations as real, you must believe in a hell where there is no the feeling of love.

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To your feeling of love,

James Nussbaumer

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