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To be saved or salvation, do we know what we are truly wanting to be saved from?  Trust the power of your subconscious mind.

Yes, one thing for sure, it means letting go of an ego-based thought system and not having to wonder or ask: is God real?

A Course in Miracles states, “Reason can lead you and your brother to the logical conclusion of your union.”

Let me share a story about my old friend Willie, the seventy-eight-year-old all-American grandfather who I became great friends with while in prison.

Willie figured out what the young inmates want. 

And this story is told in this episode of A Better Life Podcast, below, uncovering the real meaning of salvation and having a a life of purpose and happiness.



Not only did Willie find safety there in prison, but also his salvation, we may say, by knowing how to remain calm and stress-free. 

The entire story is book 2 of the series: Willie enjoyed watching and listening to the prison choir of fifteen or so inmates who practiced each Saturday morning. 

He noticed that each member of the choir could use some sort of a folder to keep their sheet music organized. 

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Willie always new how to manage stress and anxiety and help others to see more than just the tensions of everyday prison life.

At his own expense, Willie purchased through the commissary pocket folders for each member of the choir. 

At the next Saturday morning practice, Willie used the Likability Laws and surprised each member of the choir with their own pocket folder. 

The men were grateful for his thoughtful gift and welcomed Willie to attend any future choir practices he would like.

All of the members of the choir looked at Willie as a giving and caring grandfather type, and the word got around quickly. 

In a conversation I had with Willie about his kind act, he told me this was not why he went to the effort to buy the folders. 

He said to me in a humorous way, “Jim, the real reason I bought the folders for those guys was to earn a friendship and get them to like me.” 

He continued chuckling as he added, “If anything else, at least in this volatile and often violent din of the cell block, my safety is in this gesture,” and he chuckled some more while trusting that I would keep the secret. 

Was Willie honest or what? 

Yes, of course he was.  Yes, he was certainly honest with himself.

For one thing, as the ego—that fearful and judgmental aspect in us all, and in all its doubts over “is God real,” tries to lead us to salvation or to be saved.

Yet the ego-based thought system can’t really say what to be saved from.

The ego seems to be fearful of the fact that salvation is already complete and perfect, and is nowhere to be found down the road. 

It is here and now, and always “now” is where your salvation sits for you. 

It’s why the most successful always found a way to success!

It is your true essence that knows the answer to “is God real” and knows what is true, and certainly knows what is not true. 

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Just as with Willie, who accepted within himself why he really bought the pocket folders, regardless what the choir members thought. 

He had the knowledge that he couldn’t fool himself. 

And, I must add this is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation!

His true essence was accepted by himself, and this is how he was to be saved, or we may say, his salvation.

A Course in Miracles helps us to see that, salvation or to be saved is the little smiles you can see within yourself, along with a wink and a nod to your brother in passing by, showing your mutual preference for joy over the world that death and wretchedness seem to rule. 

It is the understanding that you are not separate and that your will and God’s Will are one. 

Somewhere along the line, the world started teaching us how to paint our portrait using its chosen colors and brush strokes. 

Your function, as well as God’s Will, is to use your own freely chosen colors, perfecting your masterpiece. 

This what it truly means to be saved.

This is the real and natural spirit in you, enabling you to touch the stars.

(By the way, Willie passed on, as a free man, March 31, 2016, after being released from prison in 2012) 

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To your natural spirit,

James Nussbaumer

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