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Miracles are natural. Self empowerment and purpose in life. They occur when we can change our mind about how we see the world, and thus change our lives.

It’s about not allowing errors to dictate who you are to attain self empowerment, purpose in life, and everyday miracles.

We can all learn to use the mental power of our mistakes–before acting them out–into positive results.

We need to learn how to relax more and reduce stress and anxiety that only holds us back.

And, hey, right into our golf game or other activities that are supposed to send us joy, and by the way here’s a related article on mindful golf mental tips to not only improve your golf game, but for a better life.

But let me say that all these options in life we have that are ours for the creating is why I’ve cut this episode of A Better Life Podcast below: 



It’s where Forgiveness Happens

Even those things like weight-loss are made easy with fun yoga, or things like mindfulness financial security being in your power, and the power of breathing meditation.

Many successful women have learned the women’s life confidence path, leading them to a life of independence and freedom and peace of mind.

Ask yourself, where truly is the answer to your search for peace? How about living according to and taking action on your passion? It’s your true free will that sets you free!

Greetings Fellow Seeker for Everyday Miracles , self empowerment, and purpose in life!

Yes I write from the principles contained in A Course in Miracles.  

Ask yourself, “Are you ready to begin causing a shift in consciousness in your own mind that changes the world you see?

Please recommend this newsletter subscription to anyone you feel has been faced with the similar struggles as yourself, or if your life is being truly on your own terms and things a great then help others to find the secrets you have.

Learn things like how to make your heart’s desires a reality of your own.

A Course in Miracles teaches us to comply with the requirements of our passion and purpose, and accept the fact that errors we have made are easily surrendered and let go of by the miraculous power of real forgiveness.

See why relationship healing especially in the love relationship, does not have to be a chore or an obligation. You heal because you want to heal!

Yes, there is a real meaning of forgiveness that much of the world has never learned.


Because history keeps repeating itself.

When we understand this it’s easy for us to say “It’s okay, and now I’m stepping toward change.”

Subscribers everywhere around the world are  finding an easy-to-follow path to healing: reaching illumination thus finding in their hearts the true free will and purpose that has been waiting to be claimed.

Here’s a related article on how to heal when constant arguing in a relationship needs a deep resolve:

I say, it is, mastery accomplished.

To a life of true free will,

James Nussbaumer

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