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Why you are not truly forgiving yourself and living the life you want while in this world, lies in your misunderstanding of the real meaning for  forgiveness.

If forgiving yourself first allows you to forgive others means to look beyond illusion, the power of the mind,  you might be the one who pays most dearly if you don’t practice forgiveness.

A Course in Miracles states, “To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten.”

By embracing forgiveness, you can also embrace the light of peace, bliss, appreciation–growth of the idea of healing and wholeness.

In my first book we discussed…In forgiving yourself and forgiveness of others, I mean hope that for the most part we overlook ego-based behavior and thinking by looking beyond it to the Light we are.

The ego is negative power that is only illusion.

Below is another For A Better Life Podcast on understanding the real meaning of forgiveness of others and forgiving yourself.



I say for the “for most part”, because while in this world the illusion of ego, or, body, will still be part of who and what we think we are.

Consider how the real meaning of forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

A Course in Miracles shows us that forgiving yourself will take away what stands between your brother/sister and yourself. 

It is the wish that you be joined with him, and not apart, as you both see the effects of oneness. 

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We call this a “wish” because you are still concerned with choices and have not yet reached beyond the world of choice entirely; but that’s okay for now.

The very fact that you recognize this means you are gradually moving beyond the need to make choices based on the idea of separation by forgiving yourself and forgiveness of others, which is to overlook the ego-based thought system by looking beyond it. 

You are growing spiritually. 

Your wish is in line with the state of Heaven and God’s Will, which is your own true free will, and your purpose while here on Earth.

So relax, and know that by forgiving yourself  you are moving in the proper direction along the path. 

This is precisely why I urge you to seek out meditation exercises!

If, for now, you fall short of giving your full true essence, acceptance for divine Guidance does remove the obstacles you once placed on this path between you and Heaven. 

You are now recognizing where and what you are, seeing time as not being an interference any longer, and seeing these facts of truth as unchanged.

This is how the happiest and most successful people on earth find their way to success, and you can see how right here!

Whether you realize it or not, by accepting this truth of who you are, you are allowing illusions to slowly fade away and this is forgiving yourself . 

The ego doesn’t like it, but you can deal with that.

I can remember one stars-struck night as a boy, when my grandfather and I stood in the side yard to his old two-story home, analyzing the Big Dipper. 

I asked him, “Do you think someday I’ll be able to reach up and touch one of those stars?” 

My grandfather answered, “You don’t have to wait till you’re bigger; you’re already touching them.” 

With quizzical wonder and my head pointed upward, I responded, “Aw, no way, Grandpa.  How could that ever be?” 

He tapped his index finger against my chest and answered, “Son, those stars are in your heart.  That’s why you’re able to see ’em.”

For no other reason than control, the ego-based, which is our false sense of self, perceives salvation as something waiting for us down the road. 

We see it as some future event to prepare for. 

Could it be the ego wants eminent domain over our time in this world? 

Yes, the ego wants your time in order to exist, and this is why time concerns you. 

The continuous search for salvation seems to be on a path the ego directs, where “one day” we will have our home with salvation waiting. 

Along the journey the ego tells us we must do some of “this” and much of “that,” usually on our knees, repenting, in order that we may be saved. 

This is a price we must pay, the ego tells us.

What is wrong with the world’s outlook today? 

Such questions are bound to arise in thinking minds when we ask a simple question: What really are we looking to be saved from? 

But what you really want, and do not yet realize your potential for, is to manifest everyday miracles and live life on your own terms.

But, again, your ego won’t let you, or at least it thinks it is in control of you.

However, often the answers given to this simple question are widely varied and never completely honest. 

The crux of the matter lies in the need today to dig religion from its ancient and narrow dark vault and let the spirit of present-day humankind shine out in honest glory.

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To forgiving yourself,

James Nussbaumer

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