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Finding meaning in life is to first understand that the power within you is where the meaning of life sits.

Nothing can give meaning where there is no meaning. 

The truth about the power of your true free will–your life’s purpose, needs no defense to make itself true. 

Illusions have no witnesses and no effects. 

In my first book of the series we discuss…There is no hell, and there is no sin. Both are meaningless.

Both are of the dream of separation, something our ego-based mind made up, and certainly not created by God.

Also keep in mind as you read along that A Course in Miracles states, “The miracle does not awaken you, but merely shows you who the dreamer is.”

And that’s why I posted this session of For A Better Life Podcast below, so you may see through to the real meaning of forgiveness and on to a life of purpose where you find meaning in life and have nothing to fear.



Undoing the illusions of the ego and on to what you truly want in life, is why I urge you to learn how to do mindfulness meditation.

If you look at hell and sin as real, then you have been deceived and will have a tough time finding meaning in life, or a life of purpose. 

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Forgiveness is the only function there is to rid yourself of this illusion.  Yes, that is right.  Forgive yourself for your belief in sin and hell. 

Why?  Because the rage and despair you bring on are responses to illusions.  But this anger is over nothing; because isn’t illusion nothing? 

The real truth is that you can actually increase the frequency and intensify a response to truth called joy in your life. 

And this inner joy is a habit of successful people all over the world. 

Finding Happiness

This joy you produce is the response to your forgiveness of rage and despair.  Joy is what you are, and here is where you finding meaning in life and a life of purpose.

Just like rage and despair, the response of joy can be an external, as well as an internal, cue to make a change in someone else’s illusory thought process. 

The greater our identification with that person’s experience, the greater the elation. 

A child’s achievements in school when she thought she did poorly, or a friend’s marriage when he thought love was hopeless, or the birth of a healthy baby. 

These are mutually joyful moments and certainly are finding meaning in life.

I recall the entire story in book 2… At age seven my oldest daughter Erin was determined to learn how to ride a bicycle. 

I purchased the bike as a surprise for her birthday. 

A few other adults, including her over-protective mother, suggested to Erin that she was too young and should wait one more year before learning to ride the bike.

I was the culprit who convinced her she could do it now, and did not need to wait till the next year. 

She bravely positioned herself up and onto that bike without training wheels, as I held it steady and upright. 

For a Better Future

When I asked her if she was ready, and with her permission, I gave the bike a tiny push down a slight slope as she pedaled away, shouting out with elation to the world, “I’m doing it, Dad, I’m doing it, I’m riding a bike all by myself!” 

Even at that age she was finding meaning in life!

I could see all along her willingness and readiness to growing and shifting forward, for a better future, we may say.

She had nothing to fear.

I was elated as well, and she proved to everyone and herself that she was not too young to ride a bicycle. She was thrilled within herself that she was improving her life!

At that young age she stepped into finding meaning in life and achieving maximum potential.

I felt a glow, a rush, and a thrill that I cannot explain, but I am sure you understand. 

I don’t know who was more thrilled, her or me, as she smiled proudly, cheekbone to cheekbone, and sporting those two missing front baby teeth.

Personal Transformation

The thought of this memory is still a hefty joy many years later, and, I admit still gives me finding meaning in life.

I mean that, it reminds me when I am up against growing that change for the better is nothing to fear.

A Course in Miracles helps us see that, it is possible that you don’t see the role of forgiveness in ending all the beliefs that the dream of separation helps bring on anxiety and guilt.

Forgive them by overlooking separation and looking beyond the dream to who you and the rest of the world truly are. Here you will find a life of purpose.  

Sins are beliefs that you impose on yourself and on others. How is this, you may ask? 

Because they limit you to time and place, separate from your brother, and create space between you. 

Please keep in mind once again, when I speak of you, him, or me, I’m not talking about the body. 

The space you put between your brothers as a separation is symbolized in your perception by a body clearly separate. 

This image, then, represents your wish to be apart and separate.


Previously I discussed more on all the helpful material available in free e-books, videos, and more that are a good source of information for finding meaning in life. Access the free e-book here: 

Real success is shown by wholeness, which is just experienced by positioning oneself with the requirements of your passion and purpose.

The Course in Miracles further states, “You must learn to believe in your own perfection.”

To just see meaning of success as a presentation of a particular level of product or monetary status acquired through aspiration is to just understand a little part of your inner power’s capacity.

  • Success comes as the spin-off of a life lived from the within out.
  • The essential to living an effective life is in understanding the awareness that you suffice.

You produce the area within your awareness that permits you to straighten harmoniously with your higher self or the right mind, as soon as you accept you are good enough and deserving.

It took some time, and major truth-telling, however I quickly found I was pressing myself towards a vision of success based on cash, and not wholeness and oneness with my creativity.

I dedicated my complete attention towards my passions and enthusiasms, and I enjoyed being aligned to the meaning of success, my inner power’s bloom, we may say, as an outcome.

The fact is you are better off knowing where you want to end up so you know how to map out the journey to get the life you want.

You want to consider your way of life first and design your personal life and/or company or business around diving in and going deep to create the life you want.

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To a life of purpose,

James Nussbaumer

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