Self-Development Tool for Ridding Illusion and Simply Being You to Create the Life You Want

Self-development is talked about but hardly understood. Self-development allows you to be Who and What you are rather than what others prescribe.

Committing to self-development is the first step on the path to living life on your terms and the true free will your Creator has in mind for you.

This is why I’d done this For A Better Life Podcast, so we may breakthrough the illusion and/or fantasy that is only holding us back in life.

The Podcast is first below, and I hope my message at least helps you go further.

Then after that, I’ve included a documentary video that has helped so many turn their lives around.



When I was growing up with four sisters and one brother, all younger than me, we had many toys and games around the house. 

My sister Jolyn, having had a fetish for monkeys, introduced me to Curious George

Do you know the story of Curious George and his activities?

It’s about a monkey who touches things, picks up anything that is not nailed down, opens doors, plays with telephones, explores the back of trucks before they take off . . . and gets himself into all kinds of monkey business. 

  • Nothing can escape the notice of this little monkey. 

Children love Curious George because he is so much like them.

The human race would never have made any progress in self-development and in understanding itself and the world if we had not been aware of the possibilities in the people around us, beyond what the world dictates. 

It is a shame we have to tell a child in a store not to touch, or direct her attention to homework when she would rather play and learn more about herself and self-development on her own.

Learning to maximize your potential and discipline your mind by focussing your thoughts is a part of growing and self-development.

But that does not mean your awareness of the whole world should be squeezed out entirely. 

We must preserve our impulse to explore, probe, to notice things and to be aware of everything. 

Rather than accept everything you see, allow yourself to notice.

Seek out your true calling!

Ask questions. 

Find out how things work; why they are here instead of there.  Try to discover for yourself why roses are red and the sky is blue. 

This is exactly why I urge meditation exercises!

Look for colors and beauty, and prepare to be surprised.

Surprise makes us pause and give awe a chance to happen.  To be open to awe, we must open up to surprise. 

(By the way, when you’re done here I suggest this related post on why if you feel no direction in life consider the movies to lend hope for a better future.) 

Most of us like the idea of surprise, and it is an important part of experiencing awe and self-development which helps us to see directly through illusion.

A Course in Miracles makes the statement that “No illusion has any truth in it.” 

Every day we face illusion, and it’s impossible that one illusion may justify itself to truth more than any other. 

But, though much of the time we value some illusions more than others, this cannot help truth in any manner with self-development and healing. 

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit cannot make correction for illusion to illusion, only for illusion to truth. 

The illusion is not real, and when the Holy Spirit helps you make the shift over to right-mindedness, you can see that without illusion, all that is left is truth.

Yet we try our best to make it appear that some illusions are more true than others, which clearly gives us an untrue meaning to what really is the truth. 

This is precisely how many of the world’s happiest people have found a way to success!

When we assign categories we do show a preference to our illusions, but this cannot be reality.  Truth does not have categories and cannot be stacked up and prioritized. 

Illusions are illusions and are not of God. 

Not one is more important than another.  Because illusions are not true, they have no cause, therefore can have no effects. 

Jesus told us about how “illusions are built on sand” and have “no foundation for truth” where solid self-development is built.

A Course in Miracles goes on to say that “Sin is not error, for it goes beyond correction to impossibility.”           

The world has convinced us that “sin is real,” and this belief is what makes errors seem to be beyond the hope of healing, thereby giving us grounds for the belief in hell. 

If hell is real, then it must be true because what is real is also true. 

But if hell really is true, then how could Heaven be the opposite to hell, when truth has no opposites? 

Heaven most certainly is true, and if hell were also true, wouldn’t this make eternity forever split in two? 

If this is so, and eternity is split, this would mean God’s Will is also split in two, and all of creation as well.        

Even worse, this would have God opposing and doubting Himself, which would create laws of opposing powers and hardly ground for self-development. 

Does God Really Attack?

This would entail God having attack thoughts and making us God fearing individuals. 

This would make Him proclaim sin as a threat to His reality and bring love to the door of vengeance for assistance.  Is this idea of fearing God an insane picture or what? 

Yes it is! 

And this is what has been going on in our illusory thought process holding us back from self-development since time began. 

We have built organizations around these man made beliefs, and this is why we fear God.

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To your real divine Self,

James Nussbaumer

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