The Power Within Realized-Subconscious Mind and Dreams

The power within and not realizing it or understanding it, is why much of humanity’s problems have actually originated from individuals applying power over each other in a negligent fashion.

When the power within is consistently worked out in an upsetting style, it strikes worry in the subconscious mind and dreams, as well as lack of real consciousness as the world as a whole desperately tries to awaken.

Remember, mindfulness meditation practice is great for tapping the power within.

Wouldn’t you agree that the subconscious mind and dreams, or plainly, a dreaming mind is made by thought and expressed in form, and then projected sort of like a movie? 

A dreaming mind does begin with a thought that is totally separate from its true reality.  Without a reality, the thought and the dream must, of course, be unreal.

A Course in Miracles helps us see through the fog of…The strangest dream that humanity as a whole could ever dream continues today, and includes God fearing thoughts. 

Often just plain getting over or rising above our fears is what makes for a better life, including enhanced love relationships.

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I say here “humanity as a whole” because man’s complete entity, or system, which must be the mind and not the body, derived from a more Supreme Mind, which extended Itself in thought, an activity known as the Creation.  

Here is where your power is of full potential waits for you.

Symbolically we call that very first extension, in bodily form, Adam—a word that means humankind.

The Bible tells us that Adam—all of humankind—fell into a deep sleep before Eve’s casual conversations with the serpent. 

Nowhere, however, is there a single reference to his/her waking up.  How could there be?  Humanity must still be asleep. 

A subconscious mind and dreams, or the dreaming mind can only either dream about one day awakening or simply awaken, the power within and the dream being ended. 

If Adam did awaken, wouldn’t it have been discussed and written about, especially in the Bible? 

When the mind does awaken, wouldn’t it most likely be a slow and natural process, one of comfort and ease, rather than an abrupt jolt? 

I believe so; any other way would be forced and wouldn’t be natural.  That is, of course, if it’s a sweet dream instead of a nightmare.

Here you find the power of your subconscious.

While you allow that to sink in, there’s more to consider.  Somewhere along the line the very first thought, ever, to separate from its Source, or Reality, can be considered a projected image onto the movie screen of life, making an identity of flesh and bones. 

From that point on, thoughts proliferated. 

In the Garden of Eden, on what seemed to be a spring morning, all sorts of thoughts gave birth, sending perceptions of doubt, fear, and guilt zinging through the air to form further images, including God fearing projections, in a process of thought that would later be termed “consciousness.”

In book 2 and 3 we examine…A Course in Miracles states, “The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to come inside and shine upon the barren ground. See how life springs up everywhere!”

This consciousness, or conscious mind, continues to dream and is the projected image of time and space and in this world is the power within. 

The images appeared as a seeming reality, and oceans were suddenly breaking ashore, accompanied by a misty, obscuring fog. 

Seagulls and pelicans and all other wildlife had not realized humanity’s fall to the knees of guilt. 

These creatures, as well as plant life, were brought to the dream as symbols of something natural, and not intended to be God fearing.

This gave humankind a sense of the certainty of a naturalness to which it was connected in the reality behind the dream. 

We can call this the naturalness behind consciousness.

This nature became the changing seasons, which humanity dreamed up to project the tick of time.  Through the fog many other images compelled themselves, as consciousness continued to usher in more and more space to accommodate the panoramic picture. 

With the continued projection of guilt, painful changes began to be ordered onto the horizon. And here we are.

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To realizing the power within you,

James Nussbaumer

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