Overcome your Fears and Conquer Anxiety by Forgiving Yourself

One thing for sure is to overcome your fears is something much of the world struggles with. The most successful professional is always looking for ways to conquering anxiety and control fear.

I’ve found by learning the real meaning of forgiving others and forgiving yourself is the miracle for how to improve your life and get what you want.

In my first book of the series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, I told much about trying to overcome your fears and ways to improve self-esteem.

I discussed the horrifying details of the 8 long years I’d spent in a state prison over a foolish securities violation, as a poetic parallel to the self-imprisonment much of the world lives in.

The volatile and often violent din of the cell block is where this book series was born, and is how I suggest to overcome your fears.

Yes, I mean about forgiving yourself, first, so you can then shift forward in your mind to forgiving others, which, hey friend, isn’t that so, so important?

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How to Control Anxiety and Fear

So why does forgiving yourself, first, help you to easily begin forgiving others who you feel may have wronged you, or perhaps, turned their shoulder on you—in a time of need where you desperately needed their comfort?

The thoughts I’d consistently have of two of me, or two masters, or the right-minded and wrong-minded sides in me, I would come to realize were what forced me to choose between my body and the real me.

Or, we can say reality, the true reality. This is why I always urge my readers to learn mindfulness techniques, and here’s a review article on that… 

There is no doubt about the Light within that touches me—all of us—and now I know that my body goes along with me for the ride, at least for a while yet.

Thanks to the window of light, which I’d discussed in deepness, and later what I’d learn from A Course in Miracles, I’m able to see that I am drawn to the abundant light and realize it has always been with me; now my will is to extend it.

I now know how to control anxiety and fear that I wasn’t able to do before in my life. I’m able to perceive and acknowledge that I have everything I need within me.

I’m realizing that I must usually “perceive” before “knowing.” My mind projects my bodily image, and my guilt and fear make it seem real—but it’s not.

What’s involved with Conquering Anxiety?

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For the time being, guilt and fear remain with this world as separate illusions, and is why perhaps, you can’t overcome your fears, conquer anxiety, or find ways to improve self-esteem.

The Course in Miracles states, “Guilt makes you blind, for while you see one spot of guilt within you, you will not see the light.”

When I say “for the time being,” it’s because time is all that we see. All of our physical perceptions are based on time, and this leads to why we often have a tough time for how to control anxiety and fear.

But we can progressively subdue time, the realm where our “thinking” side identifies with a body and its boundaries—who and what we think we are.

We can learn this is the unreal or unnatural self we have made, and then you may overcome your fears.

This is all that Jesus wanted us to understand when he said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

We don’t know our real self, and to forgive will allow us to “let go,” so what we did make of ourselves can be undone.

The Course in Miracles further teaches, “Look, then, upon the light He placed within you, and learn that what you feared was there has been replaced with love.”

Why begin Forgiving Yourself?

I found that when I am afraid of something, I am acknowledging its power to hurt me which darkens my thought for ways to improve self-esteem.

This understanding HELPS me know how to control anxiety and fear. We all believe in what we value. If I am fearful, then I must be placing value in fear; therefore I must be valuing wrongly.

This fearful habit of mind is destroying our chances for peace, and we must have peace within us before we can extend it.

Recognizing this, we can more clearly understand the Bible where it says, “The peace of God passeth understanding.”

The statement truly means that peace cannot be valued wrongly, nor can it be shaken at all by errors of any kind.

When we no longer feel vulnerable to attack, separated or rejected, and if you’re seeing how to overcome your fears, you can then lengthen the instants of pure thought, or “no-thinking,” where you reinterpret for the mind what it is you truly want.

It’s how you may begin conquering anxiety, and is of the habits of successful people everywhere..

Ways to Improve your Life

The bottom line is that you want peace, too, like we all do, but trying to overcome your fears gets in the way of how to achieve it.

Even those who have committed murderer, who I’ve interviewed while in prison, want peace, but his own fears are so deeply rooted, and his real self so shallow, that he cannot begin to see forgiveness in the world he is a part of.

Forgiving yourself and forgiving others means conquering anxiety and to overcome your fears by overlooking, or letting go, and then look beyond the errors to the realm where the Will of God exists.

Realizing your true free will as also being God’s Will, as one and whole, is how you may improve your life and get what you want while in this world.

In other words, when you have overlooked someone’s errors by looking beyond their body that made the error, then you have forgiven them.

And, always remember, this is also how you must begin forgiving yourself, which allows the Light of your true free will to extend.

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To self-forgiveness,

James Nussbaumer

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