The Power of Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Goal Setting and Achieving your Dreams

When becoming aware of the power of mindfulness meditation, we can create quietness and peace, a private time of universal alignment bringing to you what you want in life. Appreciating this inner awareness, even while you dream during sleep, for personal goal setting can send you in a better direction and turn things around in your life.

Yes, it’s possible for well-being and an abundant life.

While in this world you can chose to live one of two ways. You may choose to live as being interconnected to the Creation, as brother/sisters within the One-Mind of God, or we may say, living at-one in the light of Reality.

Or, you may choose outside of the light, in darkness, the separateness that makes you feel inadequate to accomplish your goals and dreams, where you are vulnerable to the adversities life in this world seems to offer.

Once you mind starts recognizing that you would like your life to be different and achieve your dreams or improving it, whether slightly or drastically, you have opened yourself up for great opportunity.

For example, the power of mindfulness meditation can help you begin personal goal setting to change for the better.

Perhaps it’s a your true calling to a new career, financial security, or maybe it’s healing a marital or love relationship, more self-confidence; maybe weight-loss, increased health and vitality, whatever it might be.

The power of mindfulness meditation may bring these requests to you.

Now let’s begin experiencing the power of mindfulness meditation I’ve put together influenced by the daily lessons of  A Course in Miracles.  Use your own favorite meditation techniques; my own is to focus on the rhythm of my breathing. 

Length of time in this meditation does not matter, but achieving a relaxed state of your body does. 

Put yourself at ease. 

I turn my attention to an in-and-out rhythmical sensation of breath.  Next, I speak the following words in my mind with each inward and outward breath:

  • I now offer the whole Child of God, which is the power of the Universe, my inner strength, which is successfully now sustaining me.
  • I have had some incredible endurance lately, and I offer this, too.

As I continue to focus on the breath, I add:

  • I appreciate you while accepting your offerings of calm and quietness of mind.

I repeat both statements in a sequence that feels comfortable for me, and for an amount of time that I feel is adequate.  However, don’t limit yourself to giving and receiving as you practice this.

In my case, for example, there may be times when I am content and all I am doing is giving my inner strength, or whatever else I feel abundant in. 

Before each writing session I always take about thirty seconds or so and let the whole Child of God—minds all over the world, know I give all that I am in my thoughts to that particular session. 

A writing session for me could consist of only a few minutes, but in most cases is a few to several hours of nonstop thought and writing.  When I have completed a mindfulness meditation session I feel as though I have been in touch with myself at my deepest level. 

I feel good, in the same way as giving a friend a gift.

On the other hand, there have been times when I’m only asking for what I need, and not offering.  Remember, there are no rules for reciprocation whatsoever.  The infinite abundance we all share to achieve your dreams is owned by everyone.

Lifting the mental fog

There have been times when ego interference gives me a lack of confidence in my writing goals, and in anything else, for that matter. The chatterbox of the illusory ego mind can hold us back in the dark.

 A Course in Miracles has helped me to see the ego as merely mental fog obscuring the light. It’s a fog I can’t seem to penetrate, though I do realize it’s only temporary, since the realization of my ego has become an ongoing part of my awareness. 

Therefore it has become easier for me to sit through the fog as it gradually lifts.  At such times, here is what I ask:

  • I will that there be light shed on helping me to create the right message for others to grasp and appreciate.

 It never fails for me.  The fog always lifts in due time where the light for miracles becomes available.

Be sure to use your own chosen words, based on what you feel you need, and/or what you’d like to give. 

But be certain to remember that no matter how often you ask, it will not affect the infinite abundance available to you at all times.

A Course in Miracles states, “Behind the dark doors you have closed lies nothing, because nothing can obscure the gift of God.”

So relax and enjoy this by finding the power of mindfulness meditation that best suits you. 

Results are usually immediate. 

You will find that you will not only “have” what you give and ask for, but you will also “be” it, as in all you can be.” 

These gifts are Heavenly, which is what you are.  This exercise works, so develop it, use it, and become of the abundance.

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To the power of mindfulness meditation enhancing your life,

James Nussbaumer

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I hope you will benefit from the video version of practicing mindfulness meditation.

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