How to Practice Meditation-Aligning with the Power of the Universe to Surrender a Scarcity Mentality

Especially with beginner meditation please understand that your mindfulness sessions are not for show or to impress anyone. There is no right or wrong way for how to practice meditation. Mindfulness meditation is where you privately reach your inner core and deeply relax.

Before I begin a mindfulness meditation session I like to think of the areas where I feel some scarcity mentality, or some incompleteness or incompetence, or something I’m having difficulty with that leaves me feeling uncomfortable, stressed, or insecure.

It might be a relationship issue, or career problems, financial stress, or any number of the problems we as humans are up against every day. For example, I’m finding my readers benefitting from Yoga Weight-loss.

But how to practice meditation or ways to meditate is based on the results you want.

In Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, book 2 of the series, I discussed how often there are times I find it difficult to reach that state of calm or quietness of mind where everyday miracles are manifested. 

It’s necessary for me so I can get in touch with my own creativity.

 Ways to meditate

The ego chatter going on in my mind, and then sent to my brain, seems to wind me up as tightly as a rope, disturbing my quiet and calm state. 

Try to narrow it down for yourself as to why and how to practice meditation.  In other words, when contemplating ways to meditate, what is your weak area and what is your free will?

Next, think of an area or areas about which you feel pretty good or secure, a certain positivity or confidence level, or even professionalism. 

For me lately, it has been an unusual surge of inner strength and motivation that lead me to my writing goals, even while in prison for those long years. 

This keeps me inspired, and now that I have a personal editor, Carol, and in her kind guidance, I’ve learned much about my own writing ability in little time—and greatly improved. 

I feel surges of inspiration that I know are infinite.

Power of the Universe

How to practice meditation in my own mind was how I landed Carol in Sarasota, Florida, for editing my work, a woman I’d never known before, while I was in an Ohio prison.

An amazing story, and our friendship and business relationship continues today!

Was it a miracle, or pot-luck?

I’ll let you decide.

At times, however, I feel short on the calm and quietness of mind I need with all the distractions the world offers us.

I’m not looking for excuses or placing blame.  This calm is important to me because it supports my strength. 

Keep in mind that these areas often change, and when they do we simply bring to our minds, once again, areas of the abundance to draw from.

How to practice meditation for myself, as well as daily lessons from A Course in Miracles entails aligning to the power of the Universe, in its infinite supply, so that I may draw from it and extend to others all around the globe.  In turn I receive as I give.

Of course my own supply of this inner strength may differ more or less from the degree others have to offer.  Likewise, the forms of strength or peace or joy or other inner qualities differ in all of us. 

Confidence level

This is why the Holy Spirit sorts it out and matches it up.  Also, remember that in no way will it decrease my own supply when I give it.

 On the other hand, I’m confident I will receive from the power of the Universe the exact and specific form of calm and quietness I ask for. 

If you are chuckling over this in disbelief, just accept it as an ego antic, and if you’re serious about how to practice meditation, please stay with me.

A Course in Miracles states, “The ego makes no attempt to understand this, and it is clearly not understandable, but the ego does make every attempt to demonstrate it, and this it does constantly.”

By staying with it the ego will tire and fade out of the picture in due time.  The point is to stay above and beyond the ego here. 

If you cannot, and ego interference is too extreme, don’t worry.  Just try again later, as I’ve often had to do in my beginner meditation stages in order to become aligned with my true calling.

You have not failed as long as your intent and confidence level is there, and that you are truly honest. 

If so, that in itself is pure knowledge.  Time will set the ego aside, a tool used by the Holy Spirit.

(If you feel the urge for more information on mindfulness, check out my related article where we explore managing stress and a brief exercise for self-healing.)

To mindfulness meditation for a better life,

James Nussbaumer

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