Managing Stress-A Spiritual Awakening Exercise for Healing a Scarcity Mentality

Managing stress is important when you think you are up against the wall with problems you’re desperately trying to overcome. It could be demands you’re dealing with in life—such as marital or relationship issues, career, financial pressures, weight-loss, or anything threatening your inner power to cope.

When I was released from prison after eight long years there was certainly quite a bit of quality time needed to not only unwind, but to unravel myself as well, both physically and mentally. 

The stress due to severe anxiety is intense and takes a serious toll on the body. This is why I urge you to discover mindfulness meditation for healing.

I could feel my muscles knotted and kinked and twisted up like a rope—the kind you would see on a dock, tightly binding a boat.

I knew I needed a managing stress treatment program with a caring massage therapist who could professionally knead, iron out, and limber up this taut rope—not to mention another type of professional therapist who I could talk with, and who will help me with mental knots. 

It’s my own right-mindedness that was telling me managing stress will be helpful as well. 

This is also why, while in prison, I’d take myself often to that quiet area in my mind and simply listen for guidance.     

A Course in Miracles teaches us, “The one Teacher is in all minds and He teaches the same lesson to all.” 

The Holy Spirit always teaches us of the unlimited sharing capabilities that are infinite in each of us.  As the whole Son of God, we have an inestimable worth.  Those who attack do not know how they are blessed. 

We must give and receive of the abundance we each have. 

We each have areas of inner strength another individual can use.  So let’s not dwell on the illusions of a scarcity mentality, or we will perceive ourselves as lacking.

This scarcity mentality identified as the ego is an illusion; it doesn’t believe that it is responsible for itself, and being out of accord with God it clearly does not trust anyone or anything. 

The ego doesn’t realize Truth as all there is to real life, and why it likes to make life seem difficult.

Try this little known stress relief technique

  • In quietness for managing stress when it seems to hit you, try to go beyond the illusion of your dreaming, ego-based mind and go directly to your Source.  
  • I have found this quiet time, a meditation or prayer, if you will, successful as a way to communicate with everyone as a whole. 
  • Yes, we can connect directly with the whole Child of God—the Sonship, as A Course in Miracles terms our One-mindedness, which is directly in union with God, our Source of life. 
  • Try to get to that place beyond your own projections that keep you separate from the whole Son of God.

Remember, it’s the illusory projections that cause us to think we are lacking that help stress to haunt the human body.

Each one of us is the Will of God. 

Our true free will involves expressing this as so.  Do not accept anything else or you’ll be adding more stress by denying what you are.  By denying this you’ll believe that attack is inevitable in order that you, as well as others, may attain their free will. 

This is where we get the idea of a “dog-eat-dog world” or “Life’s a bitch, then we die.”

This kind of thinking is why you must learn to communicate beyond the ego, or body—in other words, going over (beyond) its illusory superiority. Another great practice for getting where you want be is in the Deep Sleep Now system that I strongly suggest.

How you practice coping with what you do not want, and rather, what you do indeed want in your life, try to see the Love of God as never-ending resources, abundant for your needs in living a life of purpose and true freedom.

You are inferior to nothing in your realness. 

This abundance is natural and is created by us all as a whole, and is ready to be received by us individually, simply by our asking for what we need. 

There are no requirements, such as sacrificing in one area in order to receive in another. 

Your brothers/sisters are a part of you, just as you are a part of God.  The peace and joy you are capable of is rooted in understanding this.  You will begin to see creation as wholly real, wholly perfect, and wholly desirable when you are managing stress by placing your scarcity mentality behind you.

In my series of books and blogs I write about firsthand examples of creation through miracles that exemplify the wholeness of the Sonship in action. 

You will learn that you lack nothing; however, you may simply not be drawing from this abundance in the area in which you think you lack. 

You may have been blind to the fact that the Sonship has an infinite supply waiting for you.  The Sonship wants you to have it. 

Whatever you believe is missing is ready and willing to be given to you.  But you must be ready and willing to receive this offering.

(Please note if you need more thought provoking content for coping with stress and anxiety, try this related article on Anxiety Confusion.)

To accepting what is given you,

James Nussbaumer

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