Design the Life you Love with Physical and Mindful Exercise

Often all it takes is to set some objectives and goals and then take action on ways to design the life you love. By even simply jotting something down you are taking action on a dream and beginning to create your life. An initial thought of getting started can set the gears of the mind […]

Managing Stress-A Spiritual Awakening Exercise for Healing a Scarcity Mentality

Managing stress is important when you think you are up against the wall with problems you’re desperately trying to overcome. It could be demands you’re dealing with in life—such as marital or relationship issues, career, financial pressures, weight-loss, or anything threatening your inner power to cope. When I was released from prison after eight long […]

Solving our Problems in Life and Living our Life Purpose

Ever ask yourself how to begin solving our problems in this world, and on to achieving your dreams, or what are my dreams in life? Yes, we all can begin solving our problems in life, and you can live your dream. Always follow your dreams…A life of purpose… We all have had our share of […]